Numbness back

Numbness in the back is the clinical manifestation of a rather limited range of pathological conditions. The minor manifestation is not a problem, but with the regular appearance and increase the intensity of this discomfort need medical help.

There are only a few of the physiological causes of numbness in the back near the shoulder blade or lower back, but in the vast majority of cases this symptom is the pathological basis.

For a long time, numbness in the back will work as the sole clinical symptom. There will be a proliferation of these unpleasant sensations, the accession of the pain and other events.

Find out the main cause for the development of such an expression is only possible with the use of instrumental diagnostic procedures, complemented by the manipulation of the initial diagnostic and laboratory studies.

To get rid of such unpleasant feelings, which used conservative methods of treatment, but eradication of the disease pathogen may require surgical intervention.


Cause numbness in the back can be a wide range of predisposing factors. It should be noted that in both sexes can be both General and individual.

Common causes are:

  • search the body in an uncomfortable position for a long time;
  • prolonged hypothermia of the body;
  • pathology of the spine related to the infringement of the nerve;
  • posture bending;
  • fractures or injuries, the ribs and the spine.

In addition, at one time or another supportive factor, which may indicate the localization of the symptom. For example, men and women, numbness in the lower back can be triggered by:

  • between the vertebrae hernia;
  • a dysfunction of the pancreas;
  • kidney failure;
  • the emergence of malignant or benign tumors in the abdominal cavity;
  • on the sciatica;
  • stretching of muscles;
  • the development of the inflammatory process in the kidneys.

If numbs the back between the shoulder blades, this often means the start of the occurrence:

  • thoracic degenerative disc disease;
  • kyphoscoliosis';
  • thoracic kyphosis;
  • between the ribs neuralgia – at the same time numb to the right or left of the blade;
  • disease that causes inflammation of the tissues located in the vicinity of large joints;
  • spondylarthrosis.
Intercostal neuralgia

Between the ribs neuralgia – a possible cause of numbness in the back

Female numbness of the skin on the back cause:

  • the implementation period of the child, especially in the later stages – while it is clear localization of the symptom in the lower back;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • giant paraovarian cyst size;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • uterine carcinoma;
  • endometriosis and other gynecological diseases;
  • the flow of the menstrual period.

Predisposing factors, why numb the back is just for men submit:

  • the emergence of chronic forms of prostatitis;
  • diseases of the prostate.


As already mentioned, for quite a long time, numbness of the back along the entire length of the spine, acting as the sole clinical symptom. As the progression of the disease, which will be a reflection of the most characteristic symptoms.

It should be noted that depending on the localization of numbness to the accompanying symptom will be different. For example, in the cases the source of numbness in the left or right paddle will also be felt:

  • acute paroxysmal pain in this place;
  • a lot of weight in the chest;
  • radiation of pain in area of heart, liver and stomach;
  • violation of respiratory function;
  • for dizziness;
  • short of breath, both during exercise and at rest;
  • weakness and fatigue;
  • cramps in the legs;
  • harsh restrictions on the movement of hands;
  • swelling and redness on the skin that is located over the fireplace numbness;
  • paresthesia and aponeurosis.

Numbness in the last the lower part of the back, is complemented with:

  • strong pain in the groin or in the lower limbs;
  • the appearance of "crosses" along the entire length of the spine;
  • feeling that numbness comes from the internal organs;
  • the "insensitivity" of the affected area.

All of the above features relating to the local manifestations, in connection with the General symptoms, however, this will depend on the disease causative agent why each patient has individual character.


If numbs the back in the blades or below, you must first consult with a therapist or family doctor. One of these experts that will be able to perform manipulation of a primary diagnosis, make a preliminary diagnosis and refer the patient for further examination by doctors of the narrow fields of medicine.

The first stage of diagnosis is aimed at:

  • the study of the history of the patient;
  • the collection and analysis of history;
  • a thorough medical complex diagnostic procedures with the obligatory sense of every area of the lumbar area, the area below the blades and the spine;
  • a detailed overview to get a complete symptomatic picture of the complements that are persons, who has a stiff back.

The total instrumental and laboratory research aimed at the implementation of:

  • General clinical analysis and biochemistry of blood;
  • radiography of the spine;
  • ultrasound;
  • dopplerography;
  • Ultrasound of the spine;
  • CT and MRI of internal organs and the skull.

The procedure ultrasound of the lumbar spine

After this, the patient may submit the following:

  • orthopedist or cardiologist;
  • the doctor disease or health infections;
  • the doctor on the respiratory system or gynecologist;
  • to the urologist, or orthopedist;
  • the doctor kidney disease, or proctologist.

Depending on what the doctor gets the patient will be necessarily tied to specific laboratory tests and instrumental investigations.


Numbness in back under left shoulder blade or below the right shoulder blade, lower back or around the spine can be neutralized by using:

  • manual therapy;
  • medical gymnastics;
  • laser therapy;
  • acupuncture and biopuncture;
  • wearing orthopedic products;
  • the implementation of the anesthetic blockade;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • session electrophoresis;
  • hirudotherapies.

It should be noted that such therapeutic measures will allow to overcome the symptom, not the underlying pathology. Promote healing of the disease may include:

  • in the medicines prescribed by the attending physician;
  • therapy diet;
  • physiotherapy;
  • minimally invasive surgical procedures;
  • an open surgery;
  • the use of folk remedies.

Often the treatment is comprehensive and is composed individually for each patient.

Prevention and prognosis

To prevent numbness in the back under the shoulder blades, the lumbar region or in the spine, you can use:

  • healthy and moderately active lifestyle;
  • avoid strong cooling of the body;
  • prevention of fractures or injuries of the back and the ribs;
  • proper diet, enriched with vitamins and micro-nutrients;
  • regular passage, at least twice a year, complete preventive examination in a medical institution with a fascinating visit over the doctors.

As for the forecast, with the dead in the background is very often unfavorable, because such a manifestation is often ignored, and all the diseases relating to the spine or internal organs is fraught with complications. In this case, among the most dangerous consequences, it is indicated invalidism of the person.