Pain in left side of back

When the pain in the back, on the left, many people began to suspect disease of the spine. But not only for pathology of the spine can cause unpleasant symptoms. Almost 95% of people, after 35 years, begin to experience pain in the back.

pain on the left side of the back

There are many reasons capable to cause malfunction of internal organs, diseases of the respiratory system, hypothermia, lack of exercise, incorrect posture and many others. You should not start to carry out health activities, if you have pain in the left back. Only a competent professional properly diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment. And while more should be considered possible causes of the disease.

The cause for the discomfort

Before starting the treatment you must determine the cause of the pain, that a precise translation, time. Perhaps it was the reason a muscle strain as a result of severe physical stress or hypothermia. Here the main pathology under which pain in the back, on the left side.

Intercostal neuralgia

The pain caused by compression, irritation or inflammation of the nerves, which are located between the ribs. The causes of the disease very much. Chief among them are the following: allergic reaction, nervous system diseases, reduction of immune forces of the body, tumors in the lungs or pleura, hypothermia, certain infectious diseases (tuberculosis, herpes zoster), lesions on back and chest, diseases of the spine (scoliosis, spinal hernia, etc). When the nerves to the left hurts on the left side of the chest, aggravated by movement or breathing, marked sweating, crying, goose bumps, numbness of the affected areas, sleep disorders.


Kidney disease, which is associated with lesions of the parenchyma, cups and the pelvis of the kidney. In most cases, pyelonephritis develops due to the presence of infectious agents in the urine in the bladder, which go up your ureters. Also the development of the pathology and contribute to other diseases: kidney stones, diabetes, diseases of the organs of the female reproductive system, etc ..

Symptoms of kidney disease include pain in the lumbar region of the affected side, which allows the pubic region, weakness and weakness, fever with increased sweating, the urine becomes turbid and acquires a reddish tint in the urine will be increased and the protein content of bacteria in the blood, increase the EFF and leukocytosis.


The disease, which organs of the urinary system are solid formations in the form of stones. These stones are nothing but the crystals of these salts in the urine. The emergence of the disease causes multiple causes: genetic predisposition, consumption of water containing high mineral salts, lack of fluid intake, lack of exercise. Depending on the location of pain your doctor can understand, where is the jewel.

You can confirm this by using the held ULTRASOUND study. In addition to back pain, patients experience cramps and burning sensation in the abdomen above the pubic area and the urethra, fever, renal colic, cloudy urine mixed with blood.

Myocardial infarction

Form of coronary artery disease, characterized by necrosis of the heart muscle due to insufficient blood supply. Most often the disease occurs in men aged 45 years. Causes of heart attack can be diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, Smoking, mental stress.

Sudden stress can cause a heart attack v coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. Clinical manifestations include burning and sharp pain in the heart region which can radiate to the left arm, jaw, shoulder blades, lower back. In addition, shortness of breath, cold clammy sweat, the feeling of lack of air and the feeling of the fear of death, acrocyanosis .

Peptic ulcer


Chronic disease that is characterized by formation of ulcers on the gastric mucosa. Pathology are prone to frequent relapses, progression and the occurrence of various complications. The development of ulcers of the stomach, for some reason: previous diseases of the digestive system, exposure to bile and hydrochloric acids, prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ischemia of the gastric tissue.

It has been proven that heredity plays an important role, and there are cases of morbidity among blood relatives. For peptic ulcer is characterized by pain in the upper abdomen (beneath the xiphoid process), sometimes it can radiate to the back or upper quadrants. Typically, patients can point to define the location of the unpleasant symptom. In addition to pain, patients complain of a feeling of weight, filling the stomach on an empty stomach or after a meal, irregularity, nausea, vomiting, which lead to the elimination of unpleasant symptoms and pain.


Pathological condition in which the accumulation of gas or air in the pleural cavity. The reason to become a respiratory disease, injuries, malignancies, connective tissue diseases, tuberculosis, etc, is most common among people aged 20-40 years.

Develops pneumothorax always sudden and severity of the symptoms depends on the degree of reduction of the lung. The main symptoms is a sharp pain at the top of the chest of the affected side, which increases during inspiration and may radiate to the hand, dry cough, shortness of breath, cyanotic skin, cold clammy sweat, lowers blood pressure, and sometimes fainting. With the open form of pneumothorax is possible to observe the blood from the wound.

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Serious infectious diseases that affect the lung tissue. Pulmonary tuberculosis is the most common form of the disease. The cause of the disease – the Bacillus of Koch. Provoking factors for their reproduction are unfavourable conditions, and some diseases, which severely weakens the immune system: Smoking, HIV infection, intake of specific medicines, diabetes, cancer, chronic renal failure, and others.

Also at risk are people in prison, migrants, drug addicts and alcoholics. At the beginning of the development of the disease does not have symptoms or they are mild and occur in the form of a cold. Cough is absent or occur rarely with expectoration of viscous sputum with an unpleasant smell, back hurts on the left or the right when the injury to the lung on one side. Patients also complain of fatigue, sweating, subfebrile fever, swollen lymph nodes, palpitations, sometimes hemoptysis.

In females in the ovaries cysts

A benign tumor with liquid content inside and the tendency to increase. The appearance of the cyst is associated with a disorders menstrual, disorders of the endocrine system and unhealthy lifestyle. The pathology does not depend on age. First, the tumor does not show itself. The only symptom may be a nagging pain in the abdomen.

When you need an emergency consultation with the doctor

If it hurts the left side of back and pain do not disappear, then after a few days, you should suspect a serious condition that requires immediate medical intervention.

Also, do not ignore the appearance of other clinical signs:

  • a sudden sharp pain in the abdomen;
  • unfounded loss of body weight;
  • incorrect operation of the gastrointestinal tract and the urogenital system;
  • a strong weakness, rise in body temperature.

Necessary exam


To diagnose the disease it is necessary to do a comprehensive review. A doctor can be assigned the following tests: blood, clinical and biochemical analysis, urinalysis, electrocardiography, ultrasound, radiography or fluoroscopy, if necessary, MRI and CT scans, blood and other biological materials in the chips.