Pain in the low back and the lower part of the abdomen

A condition when the abdomen and lower back, is familiar to many people. This is due to various reasons. Most often associated with diseases of the urinary tract, gynecological diseases in women and urology in men, disorders of the conduction system of the nerves and stations in the lower part of the spine.

pain in the back and lower part of the abdomen

The doctors there recognized the term "chronic pelvic pain". He is qualified, if the patient has pain in the back and lower abdomen for 6 months or more. Statistics shows that women in 75% of cases is due to a gynecological disorder, only 25% were for other pathology, extragenital called.

Men also suffer from pain in the low back and the lower part of the abdomen. Prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate can cause constant pain pain radiating to the back.

Why is the pain?

Causes of pain in the back and pelvic organs, which lie on the inflammation or pinching of the nerve trunks, the branches stretching of the capsule of the abdomen.

All the impulses from diseased viscera of the pelvis, gall bladder, intestines, pancreas, liver, kidney, are in ganglia in the lumbosacral spine

Here you can move from one segment to another, so that people feel radiating in solitude. If the disease of the spine, it should be noted the possibility of degenerative disk disease, compression of the intervertebral disc, inflammation (ankylosing spondylitis).

The defeat of the hip joints in older accompanied by pain in the abdomen. We consider the symptomatology of the main diseases that cause joint pain.

What are the characteristics of pain in the abdomen, which are interested in the attending physician?

With a view to clarifying the nature of the symptoms, it is necessary to identify signs of pain, its Association with other symptoms. An experienced doctor who is interested in the questions:

  • the specific localization of maximum pain;
  • basic concepts and limitations of their occurrence;
  • spastic type (colicy) or stupid, dolore character;
  • the appearance on the background of pain other symptoms (vomiting, dysuria, diarrhea, constipation, blood in the urine or stool, a feeling of stiffness in the joints);
  • the presence and duration of fever;
  • the regularity of menstruation in women, due to menstruation, climacteric manifestations;
  • the suspicion of pregnancy;
  • the nature of the work (the length of the diagnosis of adenoma of the prostate are set to "sedentary" occupation).

Diseases of the urinary system

The most common manifestation of if pain in the lower back and abdomen, characterized by cystitis (inflammation of bladder). Often suffer women due to the anatomical features of the urethra channel.

The pains are drawing with nature, with the greatest pain in the abdomen, but the "give" in the waist. At the same time, however, dysuric symptoms (cramps and frequent urination). Severe accompanied by fever.

Pyelonephritis — infection of renal pelvis, is displayed in the main pain in the lower back radiating to the lower abdomen. The onset is usually acute, the temperature increase of the patients chills, dysuria.

pain in the back and lower part of the abdomen causes

The intensity of the pain increases as a result of inflammation

Kidney disease is accompanied by a constant dull an arching of lumbar pain. Especially true with translations of stone in the pelvis, the forced stagnation of urine and the formation of hydronephrosis.

If the concretion descends into the ureter, an attack is a sign of renal colic. Excruciating pain spreads along the course of the urinary tract in the groin area on the right or left. The patient is excited, rushes. The situation improves after the discharge of the stone, there is blood in the urine.

What kind of disease of the digestive system you can think of?

Back pain is often a manifestation of gastritis, duodenitis, duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis. The surrounding character, who complain, of patients with acute pancreatitis. Pain in the abdomen along with signs, digestive problems, nausea, heartburn, persistent diarrhea or constipation, belching, loss of body weight.

Intestinal infectious diseases except diarrhea, strong pain in the abdomen radiating to the lower back. Recalls General poisoning: fever, coated tongue, vomiting, and nausea. In the stool is frequent and fluid, that has a lot of mucus, possibly blood.

Symptoms and treatment of diseases of the pancreas

Chronic constipation caused by atony of the bowel, bursts older. The accumulation of fecal stones, poisoning with toxins, which contribute to pain in the gut, bloating. Acute pain occurs when the signs of intestinal obstruction.

Diaphragmatic hernia causing cramping in the introductory part of the stomach, esophagus. Possibly impaired swallowing. More susceptible to the people with overweight, no physical activity. Pain in the abdomen gives from the epigastrium to the back. The condition is worse after eating. Similar feelings occur in a patient with cardiospasm.

If the pain appeared suddenly, on the basis of full health, we can't exclude acute appendicitis. Atypical location of the Appendix in the caecum, together with the median line of the pelvis) causing dragging pain in the abdomen and lower back, "glutino bonum est" to the bladder wall or in women to the uterus.

During the exacerbation of ulcerative colitis the distribution of the pain focused in the lower back, anus

Disease for men

In men, gradual hypertrophy of the prostate gland accompanied by pain above the pubes, bestower in the sacrum and lower back. Urological inflammatory disease are less frequent than in women.

But it is the most common cause of urethritis and cystitis are sexual infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis). Painful cramping and frequent urination indicate an inflammatory process in the urethra.

Orchiepididymitis — inflammation of the covering the testes and the epididymis. Can be caused by trauma, but more commonly the infection is transmitted sexually. Patients, in addition to local pain, fever, nausea, vomiting. For the treatment of specific antibacterial agents. Lavage of the urethra channel.

Gynecological pathology

Lower abdominal pain and lower back pain in women are usually associated with inflammation of the internal genital organs. Among the gynecological diseases of the female body, which is the most common adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages), ovarian cysts, endometritis.

Often the pain are cramping, "trahens" character, who deal with one side or both. Acute adnexitis complicates the task abortion, childbirth. The pain is localized in the abdomen, with one hand. Without treatment, it becomes very intense, it can cause peritonitis.

Pain in the ovaries, worse during movement

When the legs of ovarian cysts in women who are twisted is a sharp attack, pain in the stomach, but it gives in the waist. The same clinic takes place ectopic pregnancy. Diagnosis based on digital examination of the uterus and appendages.

Gynecologists suggest enlargement or painful infiltration. One of the symptoms is the cessation of menstruation. This is essential for detection of diseases, as a complication is internal bleeding. Endometriosis, premalignant disease of the uterus, is characterized by increased pain above pubic area during menstruation.

Gynecologists argue that the women's half of the adult population in the youth age suffer menstruo pain. Why pain in the lower part of the abdomen, in the period before the onset of menstruation in young and healthy girls in the first three days?

Scientists have proven that the cause for the contractions in the contractions of the uterus associated with the concentration of certain hormones, prostoglandins, inflammation or adhesions. Less common in women define a tilted uterus.

The immediate impact of the pain syndrome is, who have the desire of women to wear in the cold weather jackets with bare lower back, cold shoes. This cause leads to infertility. The unnecessary bravado of young men is complemented with a high load of service in the army. A dangerous trend is primary in the prevention of infertile marriages.

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen and the lower part of the back, the girls, the gynecologists recommended rectal suppositories with belladonna. Act fast, relief of accompanying symptoms (nausea, dizziness, salivation).

pain in the back and lower part of the abdomen diagnosis

Pregnant women, pain in the abdomen and the lower is an alarming symptom. In the start time, the midwives indicate threatened miscarriage. In the third trimester, the belly is drawn continuously, the enlarged uterus compresses the intestine, bladder. Load on the spine increases significantly.

This is particularly difficult to endure physically untrained women. Moderate pain in the first half of pregnancy is associated with stretching of the ligaments by the growing uterus. In the period before the birth, the symptoms can masquerade as a false work. The early separation of the placenta is accompanied by an increase in pain, bleeding. Impaired fetal heart rate.

The diagnosis is the observation value of women with only one doctor, the timely implementation of the ultrasound.

The belly and t.j. the remainder care for women, performing rafts. Long-term pain, discharge, increase in temperature indicate a failed intervention, incomplete removal of the ovum.

A woman who is dangerous sepsis, so it needs emergency treatment in hospital. Rough sex can cause tears on the walls and vault of the vagina. Pain in the abdomen, the cause of cervical erosion.

Inguinal hernia

Hernial protrusion in the groin more often diagnosed in boys and men. This is due to the violation of human embryos development of the sexual organs and weakness of the anterior abdominal wall. Manifestation contribute to:

  • lifting weights;
  • abdominal injury;
  • cough of smokers;
  • ascites in cirrhosis of the liver;
  • obesity or sudden weight loss.

People feel pain in the groin radiating to the back, the appearance of education, which are the bars on the tension of the abdominal muscles. In the supine position, the bulge disappears, it itself returns to the channel on the hernia. If a violation of acute pain may cause fainting. The patient must be immediately hospitalized and operated until the strinxit part of the colon do not occur gangrene.


Malignant tumors of the kidney, lower intestine, bladder, uterus and ovaries in women are accompanied by pain in the abdomen and lower back. The differential diagnosis between them will require a full examination. Germination of neoplasms in adjacent organs and the formation of metastasis greatly complicates identification and treatment.

Chronic pain

Pain in the abdomen and lower back are the treatment of the manifestation of chronic diseases. Among the most frequent:

  • rheumatoid polyarthritis with lesions of the intervertebral joints (the most severe pain and stiffness the patient feels immediately after waking up);
  • osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral causing radicular symptoms, doctors, neurologists say, disturbed sensitivity in areas of innervation of the nerve plexus and branches on the front wall of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks;
  • a herniated disc is caused by weakness of the ligaments of the vertebrae;
  • osteoarthritis of the spine — a process of atrophy disrupts the shape of the contact surfaces of the vertebrae;
  • osteoporosis — the disease, reduced bone density, associated with the leaching from the body of salts of calcium, lack of vitamin D.

Pathological pain is considered to be a Central pathology in the stroke. Patients feel that the "aching back", not only from long lying, but innervation of the body.

What causes pain in the back and the abdomen in children?

Children, including adolescents, who often complain of back pain. How to separate the important from symptoms completely safe? According to the observations of pediatricians, there are the following causes for the pain. Of premature physical overload of the child to the sport, different types of combat. Not all kids are the same.

If the muscles are not ready to stretch, after the training of children, pain in the lumbosacral area. They are associated with turns is broadcast on the front or rear side of the thigh, in the groin. Stretching of the ligaments of the hip "response" pain in the abdomen.

Violation of posture, the habit of stooping can cause uncomfortable furniture, high chairs, too soft bed

Prolonged immobility in the lesson in a sitting position, which causes the static strain of the abdominal muscles and back. Therefore, the real teachers, arranging short workout.

For the child, which is important to weight. Obese children become sick more often complain of pain in the back and abdomen, bloating in the intestine.

Myositis — inflammation in conjunction with infection, draft, injury of lumbar muscles, is a long-term and painful. Often, pain in nature, radiates to the stomach. Pain appear immediately after waking up. Usually unilateral lesions.

Intestinal infections are much heavier adult. In addition to the diarrhea and vomiting, frequent muscle cramps, dehydration.

Diseases of the urinary tract disordered children as well as adults. Large concretions have not had time to form, but the salts cause paroxysmal renal colic. More common in boys. At the time of the attack may occur retention of urine, vomiting. Pain radiating in the groin. The urine is red because it is full of red blood cells.

pain in the back and lower part of the abdomen in children

The value of the diagnostic

If a person has a sore back and pulls on the lower part of the abdomen, the inspection must include all of the possible methods for finding the right causes. Laboratory analysis of blood, urine, stool, can exclude or confirm the presence of inflammation of the urinary organs, intestines.

Further bacteriological examination allows you to set a specific causative agent and to appoint therapy.

At the review radiography of the pelvis and spine can be the judge of osteochondrosis, diagnosing hernial protrusion of the disk to see the stones in the ureter. The implementation of the cystoscopy to view the wall of the bladder and urethra to set the symmetry of the receipt of urine from the ureteral openings.

Ultrasound helps in the case of suspicion on disease of the dense body (in the pancreas, kidneys).