Pain in the lower back and radiates to the leg: causes, symptoms, treatment

A variety of pain in the back of mind lately, not only the elderly but also very young people. This situation is due to the large reduction in motor activity, lowered immune system, unhealthy lifestyle. Because of this, suffer all the vital organs, including the spine.

pain in the back radiating to the legs

Unlimited access to the compatriots on drugs further aggravates the situation, instead of taking part in sport and to monitor their health, most people are painkillers and so their treatment ends. As a result, over time, significant problems, treatment of disease, which is delayed in time and much more expensive. Lower back pain radiate to the legs, can cause disability, with total or partial disability. But even in the mild cases, which are significantly lower quality of life of patients.

Why do I get pain in the low back radiating to the legs

Without understanding the causes of disease, it is impossible to make the appropriate decisions. And the reason for the occurrence of pain can be understood only after it becomes clear the structure of the lumbar spine.

This is often due to pain, swelling bundle of nerves that originate from the spine. Nerves are arranged in a certain joint, this allows you to move on your feet. A lot of the swelling compresses nerves, are continuously working and sending signals to a pathological state in the brain. He reacts to them and to reduce the risk of further compression of the nerve bundle makes painful movement, which tries in this way to block the development of pathology.

This is the trigger mechanism for the survival of the body, it hurts to walk, he wants to spend more time in the peaceful state. Rest allows the body to eliminate puffiness and to return the vertebrae in the physiological state. Accordingly, reduced or completely disappear swelling, the nerves no longer clamped alarming signals to the brain, not received, do not send pain signals, the patient can easily move around.

But this happens only in cases where the body through the release of internal resources able to eliminate the cause of the swelling without medical help. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, often without special treatment, the swelling does not pass. There are very many diseases that lead to experiencing the clinic.

Compression of nerve endings

The backbone is the large number of spinal roots, when they occur compression pain syndromes. Very often this phenomenon is observed in patients with low back pain. With the increase of the pathology increases the pain, in difficult cases, it is difficult for any movement.

Table. Forms of the disease

Form of the illnessDescription of the clinic
Muscle-tonicThe nerve endings that are irritated, the surrounding tissue, which, due to the different processes of change. Fabrics take up space that holds the nerve endings, causing pain. Most often, these pains are pain in nature.
VascularDiscomfort occur due to spasmodic syndrome. Muscle cramps can be a result of the development of osteochondrosis. The attack is sudden, for no apparent reason, or is displayed when the awkward twists of the torso, lifting weights, etc, There are external causes – prolonged stay in one position, a bad sharp bends of the torso, the elimination of excess weight.
Vegetative-vascularLeg not only hurts, but it numbs stop tingling, you may feel a strange cold or heat. With long-term pain, quickens the heartbeat, pale skin.
TogetherThe diagnosis is very common, such a description, the doctors of the resort when it is impossible to determine the exact cause of the pain.

What factors increase the risk of disease

the cause of the pain

Lower back pain, which is transferred to the leg, called sciatica. The disease does not have a permanent clinical peculiarities, at first, allow only preliminary conclusions.

There are several factors that increase the risk of disease

  1. Long stay on the legs, especially if your shoes have a high heel. In this case, the lumbar calving unnaturally bent, the load of the vertebrae increases, weak spinal discs do not withstand the increased load and change the configuration. The increase in the diameter of the outer sheath compresses the nerve fibres, which originate from the spine. Doctors strongly recommend to include time for relaxation of the spine, sit down, change shoes, do small exercises to strengthen the back muscles. A strong muscle system in the country, a long time to hold the person's weight, thereby reducing the load of the vertebrae.
  2. Pregnancy and excessive weight. During pregnancy not only increases the weight of the woman, but unnaturally curved vertebrae. If in this period, to carefully follow the advice of the doctors, all the unpleasant sensations disappear after childbirth on your own.
  3. Professional sports or heavy physical work. The load must be consistent with individual capabilities.
  4. Congenital abnormalities of the spine. The growth of pathology can increase and reach critical values. Curvature of the spine often occurs due to a lack of calcium in the growing body. But it is digested only in the presence of vitamin D, which is formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Conclusion – an active lifestyle, a regular and long-term exposure to fresh air, which greatly reduces the likelihood of developing the disease.
  5. Protrusion of the intervertebral discs, hernia, deforming osteochondrosis. These diseases are very often the cause of back pain in the leg. Only after appearance of their symptoms, with most patients sent to the hospital, and only there learns his true diagnosis.


The main symptom is pain and limited motion. When you change the position of the body, the intensity only increases, reducing the discomfort appears only in the complete rest of the patient. When walking the pain increases to such an extent that the legs, difficult to move, sick all the time pulling her along. If the status is running, it changes the posture, the patient leans forward and slouch.

Doctors say that it is a benign condition and is never degenerates to the cancer. With timely treatment, the prognosis is quite optimistic, but progress of the disease, to prevent not needed. The sooner treatment begins, the less time it will take to achieve a positive result.

At first look, it is advisable to reduce physical activity and limit the amount of fluid. If in three or four days of pain will not disappear, you need to go to a medical facility.

Special attention is needed to treat your condition, if there is such a phenomenon, which appeared after various injuries of the spine, accompanied by fever, redness of the skin in the lower part of the back. The deterioration of the sensitivity of the feet and the pelvic organs, spontaneous emission of urine and emptying of the colon serves as a signal for an immediate comprehensive medical examination in a hospital.



When you first visit the doctor learns the patient about the time of the first appearance of pain, possible cause, dynamics of state changes. Disease shall not be considered a local disease and requires treatment of the root cause. The patient necessarily sent to x-ray examination, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography. Only a clear visualization of the affected lesions allows a physician to make a correct diagnosis and develop the most effective treatment regime.

How to mitigate the pain

Persistent or recurrent pain causing a lot of problems for people, and significantly impair quality of life. Treat the root cause of the disease is recommended only after pain relief, the recommendation, gives the modern world of medicine. But all the manipulation of the spine, it is strictly forbidden to do without a special examination on medical equipment that allows doctors to visually see the affected area and making the correct decision. Sophisticated machines do the three-dimensional image, which excludes the likelihood of errors. Of course, if the doctor who has the necessary expertise.

Cupping is done only in a medical facility, hearth introduces two medications: a local anesthetic to relieve pain and hydrocortisone for therapeutic effect. Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation and swelling and promotes healing.

How to relief

  1. Preparation of the patient for the procedure. The patient lies on a special table, back, up, iodine disinfected operating room.
  2. A special apparatus is adjustable so that the monitor is clearly visible area of the management of medicines and painful part.
  3. Under the constant supervision of their actions, the doctor inserts problem needle and syringe delivers the medicine.

Pain in the low back and leg, which in a few minutes. Further, the patient may be directed to perform other medical procedures and live a full life.


During acute symptoms the patient is advised to lie, to relieve the severe pain the use of medications. To reduce swelling, you can restrict your fluid intake, if the muscle cramps are called antispasmodics or muscle relaxants.

Unfortunately, the above deduction we have is rarely used. There are two reasons:

  • the extremely low supply in health care facilities with new equipment. To relieve the need to have new x-rays, which allows to perform all manipulations on the web. The doctor on the screen not only see the affected area of the spine, but clearly, that controls all movements of the syringe needle. If such control is not done, then there is high probability of very negative consequences;
  • preserved from the Soviet times medical tradition, in which the pain patient is treated as a natural state. In our country, the anesthesiologist remains involved only during the implementation of complex operations. The word anaesthesia means insensibility in developed countries have long been used for the relief of suffering, not only during operation but also during common therapeutic treatment. Live without pain – the motto of all the developed clinics. Under this slogan, they have at the slightest opportunity pain safely stopped, regardless of their location and the kind of reasons. Only in this condition the patient indicators is carried out further treatment.


Medical science recommends, massage, manual therapy, mud baths, vitamins, and therapeutic exercises. All of these procedures improves the blood flow in the affected organs pathology. Improve the blood flow, stimulates the regenerative processes in the tissues, contribute to the rapid development of the muscles of the spine. But all procedures can be performed after removing the acute symptoms of the disease.

Surgical treatment

Used in extreme cases, when drug therapy had proved ineffective or there is large risk of a strong deterioration of the condition of the patient. During surgery, the damaged discs are removed in part or in full.



Tips not original to the healthy lifestyle and participate in a restorative exercise or play any sport. The load is to be adjusted on the basis of age and gender, but not to strive for excellent results, and to improve health. It is recommended that you constantly monitor your posture, if necessary, correct the detected deviations.

As for folk remedies, in the world there are examples that the use of red clay, which is able to completely replace a damaged part of the spine, there is no confirmation of the effectiveness of tea birch buds, relieving pain, black radishes, juice of agave, etc., it should be noted that the use of these funds result in a delay visits to the doctor, the disease progresses, the treatment requires more time and financial resources.