Causes of pain in the back right, symptoms, treatment

Every man at least once in their life from time to time with pain in the back. Most often, this symptom does not cause any concern and independently of the card. But there are times when ignoring it is not so easy. Pain in the back, on the right may indicate a more serious disease than normal, and the physical effort. In any case, to prevent the disaster, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes for pain in the back, and, if necessary, seek medical help.

pain in the back

What types of pain can interfere with us?

In most cases, back pain in the place where the pathological process. Therefore, pain in a particular spot, when knowledge of the basics of anatomy, you can tell how the structure of the body is damaged or where to look for the answer. For example, in dry pleurisy, the pain will be over the lesion, usually under the shoulder or on the page, which appears at a depth of breath, stabbing nature.

In other cases, painful feelings may not match the site of injury. Allocate 2 types of this pain:

  • planned – radiating from the center along the nerve fibers in the distal parts of the body, for example, with osteochondrosis of the lumbar pain may be felt, not only the lower back in the left or right, but to give a leg;
  • flipped – develops due to injuries of the internal organs (most often GI) tract, but is remote and superficial parts of the body. On the basis of its origin lies the sensitive innervation of the skin in the form of individual substances, painful areas, called zones of the Ecj.

Pain in the back, on the right has a different character:

  • cramping – comes and goes, it is characteristic of lesions of the genito-urinary organs by decreasing smooth muscle;
  • increase in the intensity of pain gradually increases, is characterized by inflammatory lesions (pneumonia, subphrenic abscess);
  • the piercing is such a pain indicates a medical emergency (breaks some education, organ, embolism, intra-abdominal bleeding);
  • in the form of a cross, which is typical for the diseases of the spine with involvement in the pathological process of the nerve roots of the spinal cord;
  • the continuous and monotonous – is typical for the defeat of the main body, for example, in diseases of the liver;
  • nagging back pain typical of traumatic and other injuries of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

The causes for the household

Home causes of pain under the scapula or in the lumbar region on the right include all of the traumatic injuries (soft tissue, back injury, which stretches the back muscles, etc). Also in this group, pain after prolonged physical exertion, to stay in an uncomfortable position, lifting heavy objects.

This group of causes for back pain are not serious, usually resolves on its own after rest. But still we should not ignore such signs, because under the auspices of the most common symptom can hide a serious disease.

Diseases of the spine

This is the most common group of diseases that lead to the development of back pain. If a long time back hurts on the right, you'll need to think about the possible pathology of the spine.

The main culprit for low back pain and low back pain. Localization of pain depends on which area of the spine pathologically altered. The most commonly affected are the lumbar spine. This results in constant pain pain in the lower right or left. With the defeat of the thoracic, the pain can be above the waist or below the shoulder blades.

With the development of complications of degenerative disc disease pinched nerves, inflammation, sciatica) pain takes on a different character. Developing the envisaged syndrome pain – pain radiating along the course of the involved nerve endings (hands, feet). This pain may be permanent (lumbodynia, thoracalgia) or in the form of a cross.

Pathology of the digestive system

back problems

With the defeat of the liver, the gallbladder pain is often located in the right part of the back, the right upper quadrant. Often, as a pain develops in disease of the pancreas (about the character of the pain).

Pain right below can occur with appendicitis, especially if the atypical location of the Appendix (a certain position – he's hiding behind the caecum).

Pain in right shoulder blade can often show acute diseases of the digestive tract. Here is the area of the Ecj. Acute cholecystitis often begins this way.

Diseases of the heart and the circulatory system

Although heart disease and the typical irradiation of pain in the left half of the body, but in some cases it may be placed and right.

Very dangerous, because I think that atypical symptoms of myocardial infarction when pain in right shoulder blade. Patients in such cases, don't even think about possible heart damage, suffer pain, and in the meantime lose valuable minutes that could save a life.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is often manifested by pain in the lumbar region. For the conditions monitored by the increase in the size of kidney (polycystic, hydronephrosis, tumors of the kidney), the constant, nagging pain in the lower back.

Colicky pain becomes pyelonephritis and urolithiasis. A typical example of such pain is a renal colic attack. The pain starts in the lumbar region, radiates to the abdomen and vulva.

Gynecological causes

If a woman I had a nagging pain in the lower back and abdomen, it is first necessary to exclude gynaecological pathology. It is due to such pathological conditions:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • cysts on ovaries;
  • the tumor of internal genital organs;
  • painful menstruation;
  • inflammatory lesions of the reproductive system;
  • if a woman is pregnant, then these symptoms may indicate threatened abortion.

The defeat of the respiratory system

With the defeat of the respiratory system, the pain is often in the back. If you want to be painful you can the following diseases:

  • dry pleurisy, the pain associated with breathing, increase in the amount of inspiration has passed stabbing character, very strong, often to reduce pain, the patient begins a superficial and shallow breathing;
  • pneumothorax (rupture of lung tissue from penetrating into the pleural cavity of air) – a sharp and sudden pain in the shoulder blade with the appearance of severe breathing problems;
  • pneumonia with involvement in the pathological process of the pleura – the pain is similar to that observed in pneumonia;
  • cancer of the bronchi or lung tissue, painful sensations, which occur when the spread of the tumor in the late stage, the nature of pain and its localization depend on the rate of germination of cancer cells in nearby organs, and pleura.

Regardless of the type of pain in the right side of the back, first and foremost, it would alert you. After all, this is a signal the body regarding the violation, or a little more seriously.