Back pain under ribs: what to do?

The bones, which is supplied with nerve fibers, blood vessels and many organs in the space between the ribs. When a person feels back pain under ribs – this is an opportunity to reflect on their own health.

These sensations can be symptoms of certain diseases. In the causes of pain can be understood only by the specialist.

Diseases that cause pain in ribs

Painful symptoms symptoms of diseases of the internal organs or rib of the frame, the tissues around it:

  1. Chest contusions, blows, fractures may cause dull pain, deep breathing, which will strengthen the.
  2. Pathology of the spine osteochondrosis, hernia between vertebrae is manifested by pain in the back, the ribs.
  3. Intercostal neuralgia causes pain, aggravated by breathing, movement.
  4. Inflammation of the lung, pleura cause discomfort in different areas of the chest.
  5. Of the tumor.
The ribs

Modern diagnostics, x-ray, ultrasound examination allow for accurate diagnosis, to appoint treatment.

Sometimes a sharp turn, changing the positions of the body, lifting the a lot of goods, that can cause pain in the spine, ribs. This is a sign of sciatica, especially if it radiates into the buttocks, leg.

Bruises, broken

When the injury occurs characterized by pain:

  • Injury first causes a sharp pain, then it becomes painful. At the site of injury appears a bruise, which is painful to the touch.
  • Fracture of the rib bones accompanied by severe pain in ribs and back can be felt in the whole chest.

Fractures are characterized by three varieties:

  • Crack, when only a bone fracture.
  • The turning point, when the periosteum remains intact.
  • A fully broken rib bones, it is dangerous, because the shards can damage the internal organs, the lungs.

Signs of a fracture, is a discomfort with a deep breath, talking, even with the change of the body, not to mention the physical exertion. You can disrupt the rhythm of the heart, then the human skin to turn blue.

Severe pain in back, ribs, hemoptysis accompanied by injury of the lung, with bone shards.

Intercostal neuralgia

For each of the bones are the muscles and the nerves arising from the spinal cord. When the nerve is irritated, the piercing, burning pain. Sometimes it is about the left or the right of the chest, most back pain on both sides.

You can find the two points, the result is sharp pain when you press them near the sternum and near the spine. The cause is compression of a nerve or pulled a muscle.

Compression can be a result of trauma when the space between the ribs deformed. The discomfort in muscles, while bending, moving the shoulders.

The spine

The most frequent diseases back include degenerative disc disease, resulting from inflammatory processes in the spine, degenerative changes in it. Observed, pain in the back, under the ribs to the back.

This may intensify at the time of the affected nerve. In the chronic form is an excruciating pain in the acute stage of the disease is cross. The patient difficult to move, to bend, to turn, must be in the same position.

Autonomic neurological disorders in the vascular system, which causes unexpected pain, is a person who thinks that hurt the whole of the back and breast bones.


Symptoms include: pressure surges, respiratory failure, palpitations, angina, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia.

Disc herniation in the thoracic spine causes discomfort in the ribs, at first not very strong.

Over time, it is so complete, that it becomes unbearable, when the sore ribs at the back, on both sides. Pain can occur in the neck, the limbs.

Osteoporosis is a disease caused due to low calcium content in the bone. Most often this happens during the aging of the organism, when it is disturbed metabolism, is poorly absorbed vitamin D and calcium from food in the intestine.

The process of destruction of the bone increases, recovery ability decreases. Experience pain, from the back below the ribs that appear as a result of many microscopic fractures.

The result is displayed on the sharp edges of the bones, irritating the periosteum, is rich in nerve endings.

Pulmonary disease

The pleura covers the lungs from the outside, adhering closely to the frame from the edges. It penetrate the nerve endings in large numbers, which irritated in various diseases.

Pneumonia is characterized by right-sided pain, worse when coughing and breathing. Dry pleurisy causes such feelings, when sore ribs at the back, on both sides.

Malignant tumors

Tumors can be malignant – osteosarcoma. In this disease appear pain the pain can be stabbing, pulling character. Sometimes the pain occurs only at night, at some position of the body.

Often the tumor for a long time, not showing himself, and began to hurt in the ribs from the back after blow, injury.

The patient may not suspect the existence of the tumor, and the pain will be on strike, although their origin, you can see the swelling, feel the lump. The disease, which is diagnosed by biopsy.

Limitation of liability

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