Why back pain in left shoulder blade: pain causes, symptoms and treatment

Because the causes of pain in the left shoulder blade can be a lot of, you need to identify the most frequent diseases.

  1. Osteochondrosis of the cervicaland thoracic spine.
  2. Left-sided pneumonia.
  3. The acute bronchitis.
  4. Abscess of the left lung.
  5. Myocardial infarction.
  6. Angina.
  7. Rib fracture or a severe traumatic injury.

This is just a short list of diseases that can cause sharp pain.

Of course, to judge the occurrence of the disease, one symptom, cannot and should assess the full range of problems, reducing the range of possible causes for the pain.

Symptoms and types of pain

pain in the back

As mentioned above, pain in the shoulder blade can be very different, from minor discomfort, and ends with a dull, aching pain.

So what kind of pain can be called?

  • Sharp pain from below, which is greatly increased when turning and while driving.
  • A strong, stabbing feeling on the left.
  • The constant stretching pain that does not stop even in the period of relaxation and rest.
  • The pain is markedly improved in the case that a person inhales and exhales deeply.
  • A strong painful sensation, which subsides only after vomiting or prolonged nausea.

The nature of the pain, affects the diagnosis and characterization of symptoms. For example, with the aneurysm of the aorta the symptom of pain is constant, it does not stop even during the holidays.

Unpleasant sensations, which evolve very quickly, and some days are almost intolerable in nature.

In pneumonia the pain is cutting, quickly appears and fades. Also the intensity of pain is dependent on the frequency and depth of breathing, i.e., the deeper the breathing, the more discomfort he feels.

In pneumonia the pain is not intense. In the process of creating, is dull and gives unpleasant sensations in the whole left side of the page.

Each pain is a sign of disease. However, to make a final decision on the cause of the problems, it is necessary to perform an accurate diagnosis.

Did you know that there are herbal massage includes aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, warms the acupressure points.


Usually the initial diagnosis of the disease occurs during the thorough research and review.

The doctor provides depends on whether the pain is from movement, from the process of eating. The Specialist also determines what time of day it hurts under the left shoulder blade back often.

At the time of diagnosis of the disease is usually be granted for the following procedures:

  1. X-ray examination, helps to see the pathological problems with the spine.
  2. Electrocardiogram, which helps to rule disease of the heart.
  3. If the x-rays did not help to recognize the disease, and sometimes requires imaging.
  4. Additionally, it can be determined for the process, faggs if the symptoms point to ulcers, gastritis and other stomach problems.
  5. The diagnostic procedure can not do without blood.

Usually the diagnosis identify disease and prescribe effective treatment to eliminate the pain.

What doctors need to address?

In this case, if the person experiences pain under the shoulder blade, if I knew what doctor to address for the diagnosis of the disease.

Often the specialist becomes a trauma surgeon, a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist. In this case, if diseases that are associated with problems in the spine that need to be addressed, that is the doctor.

Sometimes pain can be caused by serious mental disorders, and in this case you will want to go to a psychiatrist.

Sometimes nervous tension and stress, you must do massage of the cervical area, it will not only remove puffiness, but also helps to get rid of the headache.

Pain management with massage

back massage

Massage is an effective way to deal with severe pain. Of course, begin to massage only if this mode of treatment recommended by the attending physician.

For example, if pain on my left side under scapula, massage will help reduce discomfort, sometimes completely eliminating them.

However, peptic ulcer disease, massage does not contribute to the treatment, but on the contrary, can lead to a deterioration of the disease.

It is very important that the procedure was performed by a professional, because you need to know exactly what technique to use, and with what intensity.

Usually the procedure begins with the warming massage, and after the specialist moves to a point that affect the problem area.

If in the process the person experiences noticeable discomfort and worsening pain, from the procedure, it is better to fold.

Each specialist has his own massage technique, but usually this method begins to help at least at the third session.


To ignore such a clear and serious than the symptom of pain in the back under the shoulder blade in the back is never worth it.

Most often indicates the development of serious disease, and this is the reason why it is better to consult a specialist. He will prescribe a treatment, knowing the cause of the symptom.