How to choose the right corset for posture

The modern pace of life, sedentary work and low physical activity, which have a negative impact on the health of the back. In this case, doctors recommend a posture brace is a medical product for the treatment of the spine and correction of the crooked and diseases of the back, such as an overvoltage of the ladder and the chest muscles, weakness in the muscles of the cervix. It can be worn every day, several times a day. It is not very large and it is convenient to take with you to work in the office. Constantly use it is not recommended to prevent muscle atrophy and the effect of habituation.

What is corset for posture

In the adjuvant during the treatment of various diseases doctors prescribe wearing a corset for a proper posture, which ensures correct posture and correct the curvature. This corset to correct stooped posture is a breast bandage, which shoulder part of various densities of material are varied and selected depending on the purpose. For example, the ribs of models for the prevention of scoliosis more than the goods and to remedy a serious disease with the use of metal ribs on the pressure it was stronger.

What is corset for posture

What is needed

Medical partially rigid corrector back support is designed to correct different deformities of the spine. Doctors recommend, if you have any curvature (lordosis, kyphosis), pain in back and cervical spine, severe fatigue, muscle and clip the nerve endings between the vertebrae. With the shoulder straps to the back, you can still apply as a deterrent, if there is a danger of back problems. For example, a sedentary lifestyle, works in the office of facilities, weakness of the breast muscles, for the treatment of scoliosis of different degrees.

In addition to the above testimony, this utility can use for comfort while you work on the computer. It can be worn several times a day (5-6 times per day), this is a relaxing, toning effect and helps to relieve discomfort during long sitting at the computer. The back brace will be useful for both children and adults. The product is often assigned to students because they are at risk for diseases of the spine.

The advantages and disadvantages of

Each specific type of corsets has its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages of bandages are:

  • uncomfortable to wear;
  • noticeable in a thin dress;
  • worn only a t-shirt or shirt on the naked body he would push for a special of ribs;
  • it has a local effect and does not affect large areas of the back;
  • the low level of efficiency in advanced pathological conditions.

The advantages of this accessory so much more. You should start by saying that this is a great way to prevent disease and improve the condition of the spine, if already present anxiety symptoms. Among the advantages you can note the following:

  • relaxation of the muscles of all parts of the back;
  • effectively treat the the curvature due to the proper fixation of the spine;
  • the lack of discomfort during long sitting at the computer;
  • allows you to keep a good posture.


The corsets for back, are of two types: curative and preventive. Treatment designed to solve specific problems, such as contortion, posture, hyper-kyphosis, lordosis, kyphoscoliosis, weakness in the muscles of the spine. This utility podiatrist may be prescribed alone or in combination with treatment with medications. His self-prescribed for minor curvatures of the spine and posture. In other cases the branch is an integral part of the therapy.

A preventive brace for posture will help to prevent progression of the disease and help to improve the situation. The doctor prescribes a bandage after the orthopedic examination, which showed certain problems. Multiple use occurs, the correction is not strong curvature of the bearing, the correction of the shoulder level, the relaxation of the back muscles, even a bandage put in place, the vertebrae and prevents discomfort during long sitting work. Preventive measures implemented for children, because when the spine has not yet occurred, to determine the pathology of the easier.

Types For adults

Patients older than 18 years, the corset may not always help, because they are 22-25 years old human skeleton is fully formed, so the treatment of scoliosis is mainly carried out in an integrated way. There are many different types, which are intended to deal with specific problems. Adults appoint more long wearing than the child. To achieve effective results, you should wear a brace regularly. Find orthopedic back brace should be on the basis of the diagnosis and the patient's age. Shows that you can only doctor.


In patients who are younger than 18 years of age, there is a wide selection of children's orthopaedic corsets to the back. They are the most comfortable for the spine and does not cause discomfort due to the elastic straps from a soft, delicate material. Often therapy, including the devices have a positive impact on the dynamics of the reversal of diseases of the spine and straighten the spine in a child can be a lot easier than in adults.

Elastic waist belt is recommended for children from 5 to 18 years, for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, injuries, fractures of the back and correct posture. This arrangement corrects the pathological condition, aligns the spine and relieves stress on bones and joints. In addition, the brace gives the muscle tone, relieves tension and fatigue.



Corsets for the correction of the back are divided into several types: elastic, magnets, lumbar, hard, comprehensive, and lumbosacral. The elastic corset is a brace that extends from the fabric, which tightly compresses the lower back bottom and the top is an aluminum insert, which correctly captures the spine. Corset-the inclinator is a large plate with the shoulder straps from the metal of the ribs, oriented to the treatment of the spine in the chest and called in the serious diseases of the spine.

Place it on the type of backpack, it often happens that doctors prescribe it for rehabilitation treatment, but not for everyday wear for the purpose of prevention. Lumbosacral corsets were specific for people with spinal cord injuries and those who suffer from back pain. It is better to choose a semi-rigid proofreaders, which is placed on the middle and lower back. Acting in such a way that the distribution of the load on muscles and the vertebrae, to maintain the correct posture. The magnetic effect of the corrector in the creation of electromagnetic waves, which act on areas of the back.


As with any therapeutic agent, which affect the blood flow, the load on the spine and its position corsets are some contra-indications. They are not suitable for these groups of patients are:

  • if an allergic reaction to the material of the corset;
  • diseases of the lung and the cardiovascular system (before you need to consult a cardiologist or physician for the respiratory system);
  • sores, cuts, or pathology of the dermatological nature of the skin that are in contact with the corset;
  • children up to the age of 4 years.

How to wear a corset for posture

The main rule, which should be taken into account not to wear a corset permanently. This can lead to atrophy of the muscles that support posture. The duration and frequency of use of the brace is prescribed by your doctor, depending on the diagnosis, individual characteristics of the patient and the background of chronic diseases. The Standard duration of action of the corset for 30 minutes, up to 5 times per day. This time is enough for the brain to perceive the correct motor stereotype.

How to choose the

To make the right choice when buying a medical corset for back correction, it is necessary to determine the type of symptoms and accurate diagnosis. For more complex cases the physician should choose a corrector for posture appropriate level and price range, as severe pathology requiring intense impact on the spine. Prophylactically bandage select easier – the main thing that is worked on the right areas of the back.

In addition to a diagnosis, it is important to determine the location of the curvature. Corsets put on those areas that need support and a rigid frame the proper shape of the spine. For example, if the curvature is in the upper part, fit a rigid model, which will cover the chest and the cervical spine. If the problem is in the lumbar region, it is necessary to choose products which are intended for the correction of lumbar support and proper posture.

How to choose the

Corset for posture with their hands

Quality is difficult to models the corsets to the back, they have a high price tag, but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can do it yourself. This would require an elastic bandage (width: 8-10 cm, length: 6-7 meters). How to make:

  • for the determination of the center of the bandage (be attached to the spine, near the shoulder blades);
  • one from the end of the bandage should go over the shoulder and the other on the opposite side of the underarm;
  • both ends are surrounded by shoulders, the stomach and through the armpits;
  • the bandages connect on your stomach or back.

Such home-made weight loss corset can be done for preventive purposes, to relieve discomfort during prolonged sitting at the computer. However, it is not necessary for the use of such models in the advanced disease, because effective result, it is not, it is better to prefer buying a quality product. Home lumbar support can only improve posture, or to keep back muscles in good shape, proper load distribution.