What method of treatment to the joints of the foil?

What method of treatment to the joints of the foil

Treatment of joints with foil – one of the alternative methods, which, in the opinion of the patients, gave a positive result and to help cope with the painful symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Rolls food foil, many are kept in the kitchen and use the Housewife cooking. How this cooking accessory can help in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and whether you can use it for medical purposes? It turns out that the foil has several unique features, which beneficially affect the condition of the patients joints.

The characteristics of membranes

The foil is very thin metal (aluminum, steel, silver, gold ). In fact, it is a metal "paper", but very plastic and flexible, which can be formed into any shape and used for wrapping or packaging products. In the food and pharmaceutical industry uses aluminium foil, which reflects infrared (heat) radiation. This feature is if you use foil when cooking in the oven and during storage of the products.

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Highly reflective foil is applied to medicine, namely physiotherapeutic treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The technique of heat treatment is applied in the ceiling lamp or wrap with foil to reduce heat transfer and provide deep heat. This characteristic of the material is widely used in preventing frostbite.
The characteristics of membranes

But like normal food metallic plate can help with joint disease? There is a theory that the therapeutic effect of the foil, because the ability to reflect biotoki from the energy meridians of the body. Any violation, of biologically active points to produce signals that keep us as pain.

The foil will reflect these biotoki back to the same point responsible for the energy potential of the patient's body. This effect causes the phenomenon of bio-resonance, favorably affect the cell structure and restore the integrity of the energy field, disturbed sickness.

Because of the protection of biotokov and interaction with the matrix field, the cells of the skin, to see improvement in the affected joints. Disappear pain, reduce the severity of the inflammatory process and reduce swelling in the affected area, restores mobility of the joints of the joints. By reducing the heat transfer aktiviziruyutsya the processes of blood circulation and limfootoka, the normal nutrition of the cartilage and muscle tissue, accelerate the metabolism, promote the restoration of function of the joint.

Treatment foil stimulates regenerative and adaptive processes, activates the immune system, strengthens the body's defenses, so that it can cope with the pathological process and accelerate recovery.

Indications and contraindications

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system using the foil for medicinal purposes, it is recommended in the following cases:

  • the removal of the pain of osteoarthritis, arthritis, gout;
  • relief from the state of osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • treatment of sciatica;
  • the treatment of injuries to joints (sprains, dislocations).

In addition, analgesic, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory treatment of the foil promotes the breakdown of too much uric acid and salt deposits in the joints, improve joint mobility and relieve the joints from morning stiffness.

Treatments for the body, the number of compresses, the application of the foil has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account. Among them:

  • infection and purulent complications develop joint cavity – in this case, heat will only add to the pain, accelerate the development of inflammation and promotes the penetration of pus in the surrounding tissue;
  • continuous high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • neoplastic processes;
  • serious disease of the cardiovascular system;
  • damage to the skin in the area the intended effect (ulcer, erosion, abrasions);
  • allergic reactions occur when in contact with aluminum foil;
  • the presence of implanted metal implants or stimulants – splatter foil increases the risk of rejection;
  • dermatology localized symptoms (dermatitis, erosio) area of the patient's joint;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Good to know
In addition to the body of the wrapping foil is not acceptable, there is severe respiratory insufficiency, and wrap the lower extremities – thrombophlebitis and diabetes complicates the ischemic foot or polyneuropathy.

How to treat the joints with foil?

When you use the foil for medical purposes should follow certain guidelines:

How to treat the joints with foil
  1. therapeutic procedures, you can only use the food foil is with high aluminum content;
  2. compression and the application of the foil cannot be maintained for a long period of time, the duration can be up to 2 hours a day and 7-8 hours at night;
  3. the foil should be applied to the skin of the glossy (shiny) surface, matte side, not blocking the heat;
  4. if the composition of the bags used napkin gauze impregnated with the drug solution, between it and the foil layer, remember to lay the plastic film does not allow corrosion of the metal surface.

The deadline for proceedings related to the fact that the metallic plate, in addition to it, that does not transmit thermal radiation, and even prevent the flow of oxygen and the removal of Gay-fat choices. As a result, under the bandage creates a greenhouse effect, which causes skin irritation and creates an environment ideal for the breeding of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Treatment of joints with foil arms and legs

Foil pain in the joints used in the form of a scarf problem areas. A thin metal plate in good condition, so strips of foil can be wrapped around the patients finger or a joint of the top and secure with tape. Wrap around the affected joint only one layer of foil.

In the treatment of knee joints of the foil, it is necessary to overlay several layers, reliably securing the wrap in an elastic bandage or a bandage on his knee. This allows you to move and do the usual household chores all the while continued treatment. We will continue with the same treatment of the elbow, ankle or shoulder joint, securing the foil at the time of the procedure a bandage.

If the foil is used in combination with a lotion of the joints, the first affected area apply the medication, then clog up the treated area with plastic wrap and then applied to the affected joint in foil, securing the top of a bandage or patch.

When the gout affects the small joints of the fingers and toes. Relief from the unbearable pain, it is advisable to wrap each of the patients fingers with foil and secure with tape. Treatment of heel spurs is enough to cut a square of foil and attach it to the heel with tape. This app is recommended to leave it overnight.

In other cases, the bandage foil at 40 minutes to 2 hours, it all depends on the type of disease and severity of symptoms. The procedure for wrapping the joints of the foil is recommended in the morning, afternoon and evening. The duration of treatment is 1-3 weeks.

The treatment of the spine

Osteochondrosis, doctors are advised to make the scarf, and the "silver bridge" foil, which is to fix the problem area. You can do it easily. For the procedure, you need to buy at the pharmacy a broad patch, cut a piece measuring 10 x 15 cm and attached to it a narrow strip of foil (width of 0.5 cm -1), so that the shiny surface was on top. The distance between the foil strips should not exceed 1.5 cm for better repair of the body surface at the edges of the patch shall be left to the free areas of the foil of a width not exceeding 2 cm

In the end, you get those bridges of the foil. Patch foil is attached parallel to the spine on the affected area so that the strips are vertical. Keep the "silver bridge" should not be taken a maximum of three days. If necessary, you can increase the duration of the procedure, just by changing the band-aid and to achieve a total disappearance of pain. When changing the bandage the skin area of application should be wiped with vegetable oil or broth of herbs.

Radiculitis, osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral sacral region, accompanied by severe back pain, it is recommended to use the special belt is made of 2 layers. The first layer of the elastic stretching the fabric will adhere to the skin, and the second dense matter, with glued strips of foil to perform the therapeutic function. Wearing a belt is necessary three times a day, for 40 minutes.

The treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease, you can fold the foil in several layers (5-6 ) and fasten the neck, that place where the pain is expressed most brightly. The top of the foil, cover with a cloth or gauze, secure with a bandage and keep at least 30 minutes.

The treatment of the spine

The active energy of the impact, and thus the effect of such treatment can only be achieved if all the recommendations for proper application of the applications of foil and compliance with optimal treatment. We must not forget that this non-traditional technique has certain contraindications. Therefore, before starting therapy consult your doctor, because all diseases of the joints, the contacts, the aluminum foil skin and thermal effects benefit.

About the treatment of the joints with foil

Foil diseases of the joints – it is rather a helper method, which, together with the folk recipes used in conjunction with drug treatment, physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy sessions. However, the feedback from patients who have experienced this method myself to confirm its effectiveness and to talk about concrete positive results.