The collar of the Trench in cervical osteochondrosis: the proper use of

The collar of the Trench – the orthopedic product, which helps in various diseases of the back, usually made from soft polyurethane foam with different stiffness. Is a constant, is used in many different diseases, the collar of the Trench in the cervical osteochondrosis can help relieve pain and ease other symptoms of the disease.

The collar of the Trench with cervical osteochondrosis

Properly brace the neck is still very comfortable to wear, the neck is well defined by restricting the movement of the head and the economy is in the truest sense of the anatomy of the situation. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine collar of the Trench will help to relax the muscles, relieve stress and get rid of the main manifestations of the disease.

In General, osteochondrosis of the cervical brace worn for the following reasons:

  1. Eliminate painful feelings. The collar of the Trench provides a strong fixation of the head and neck in an anatomically correct position, helping to reduce pain. Is the pain in the muscles, no longer dizzy, is numb.
  2. Strengthening the muscular frame of his neck. In the case of severe forms of osteoarthritis to wear the collar of the Trench, the treatment will be most effective, fortified muscles is not immediately attempt to return to the wrong place. The brace provides long-term effect of therapy.
  3. The restoration of the normal flow of blood in the veins of the neck and cerebral circulation. Osteochondrosis vessels that are often constricted, the brain does not receive normal amounts of oxygen, it is therefore constant fatigue and dizziness. When wearing the brace, the vertebrae fall into place, ceasing to squeeze the blood vessels.
  4. Eliminating feelings of numbness, fatigue, normalization of sleep. With the elimination of the pain syndrome disappears vegetative symptoms of degenerative disc disease, which sometimes is not always directly associated with diseases of the cervical spine.

The main is to correctly choose and wear the collar for the use of the bandage brought exclusively use. When the irrational use of the spine, the condition can only get worse, also not in all cases of osteoarthritis the wearing of a collar you want.

Positive feedback from the physicians on the high-end tools, with cervical osteochondrosis. In severe forms of the disease the device, which helps to restore the normal functioning of the cervical spine.

Important! Before using the collar of the Trench is necessary to consult your doctor.

Instructions for use

That the wearer of the collar does not cause deterioration of the disease, you need to know how to choose, wear, what are the contra-indications, in which the use of the bandage, which is dangerous to health.

The use of the brace may be indicated in most diseases of the cervical muscles, spine, nerves and blood vessels of the cervix. It is even used for fatigue, sore muscles after heavy physical exertion. Due to the warming effect, improves blood circulation, the pain disappeared.

In some cases, the use of the collar of the Trench is completely contraindicated. First, it cannot be used if the cervical spine is completely loose, as in this case requires complete immobility, which can not be, if this type of bandage.

Instructions for use of the collar

Therefore, before you consult a doctor to be examined. These usually require that x-rays of the cervical neck, it is sometimes necessary, MRI or CT scan if the diagnosis is difficult. Make sure that you wear the brace, it does not hurt, and will benefit when the disease, choose the most suitable type of collar.

Important! It is not recommended to wear the collar of the Trench in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the skin in the area of the cervix.
How to choose the

The benefit of wearing a collar, it is important to choose one properly. Bandage, are not appropriate for the size and other criteria, which may cause the aggravation of disease, grate the skin and squeeze the blood vessels and cause discomfort.

For the correct determination of the size of the bandage, you need to measure the following parameters. Measurements should be taken standing straight, the view must be in front, the head should not lift off:

  • the distance from the clavicula to the chin – the height of the collar;
  • neck circumference – its volume.

In accordance with the measured parameters must be selected brace. When trying on the right, pay attention to how he sits. The front upper part of the brace to touch the lower jaw, the lower section of the chest, pressure on the collar should not cause discomfort. Back of the top brace needs to support the base of the skull, the lower part should end at the bottom of the neck.

How to choose the

You should also pay attention to this, or is securely locked doors, the mobility of the head should be almost entirely limited. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the collar never rubs, does not affect the skin too.

Should not buy a collar without trying to obtain orthopedic products solely in the checked up shops. After the scan things, to ensure that there are no different errors.

How to wear

In each case, the rules of wearing you can, however, usually try to adhere to the following scheme. It is worth considering that if you wear the bandage more than is necessary, the disease may progress.

In General, they should not wear the collar for more than 2 – 3 hours per day total. This means that you can wear the bandage twice a day, such as morning and evening 1.5 hours, depending on your needs and the doctor. If the osteoarthritis is in liquid form, the wearing time can be increased, but not by much. While wearing the collar, should not participate in vigorous activity. The best time is in the evening at home after work or school, to relax tense muscles and recover after a busy day.

If the feeling that the bandage is too tight, you should consult your doctor and opt for a milder model. If it seems that, on the other hand, is not a sufficiently firm hold of the neck should choose a more rigid model.

In General, the collar of the Trench in osteochondrosis of the cervical are less than a month, a term, established by the treating physician. As the disease of the spine is very difficult to deal with in full, the bandage may be required for a long time.


Average price of orthopedic devices – 300 – 500 rubles, depending on the model and the associated options. I advise you not to save when buying these products, especially if you think that wearing the collar that will have a long time.

Analogue to the collar and you can do it yourself at home. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, then the makeshift bandage will be on the properties is quite similar to the product of the factory.

How to make the collar of the Trench of their own home?

How to make the collar of the Trench of their own home

The design of collar is very simple, you can do this yourself, but if this is not possible to buy a suitable product. If wearing a homemade collar is uncomfortable, you should abandon it. In General, to a bandage, use the following:

  1. You will need to take measurements from the neck of the soft fabric, cut two rectangles, width – to- height neck length neck circumference. Right, if you want to add on two inches.
  2. A rectangle with the same parameters, which need to make you from a very flexible but dense foam. It is not to be confused with anything.
  3. Rectangles of the fabric you need to sew three sides, leaving a hole for the foam for the power switch on the front side, insert the foam, and stitching.
  4. You will need to try on the finished collar, mark the spot for the Velcro, the stitching on the Velcro. Collar ready.

Note that the home the collar may not be the same features with the factory. In General the wearing of tie and similar substances, which can significantly improve the situation in osteochondrosis of the cervical. Do not forget to treatment, the collar of the Trench can help, just entering the whole complex of necessary procedures.