What to do at home, if it hurts the neck

In the human body, everything is connected and all illness or pain arises just be sure that the reason for this is there any kind of push. The pace of modern life people used to treat the pain and not go to the doctor, hoping that the pain will go away with time itself. Such unpleasant disease, such as pain in the neck, it often occurs in office workers, athletes and people who are moving a little, and after sessions of excessive physical effort. When pain in the neck to tolerate certainly not necessary, because the sooner treatment begins, the faster you can get rid of pain and discomfort.

The structure of the neck

In the human body, everything is interconnected and, of course, the normal operation of the door is impossible without a healthy spinal cord and spine. The neck is in the beginning of the vertebral column consists of seven cervical vertebrae. Head movement is possible due to the large number of muscles and ligaments, and when it is disturbed work, in particular muscle in this case we can speak about the pain syndrome. The composition includes the following components:

  1. The trapezius muscle is involved in movement of the blades.
  2. The muscles of the waist, so it is possible to easily perform the movement of the neck back and forth, and tilt your head.
  3. Lopatochna muscles connecting to the scapula ostistim process.
  4. Musculus erector spinae is one of the long muscles running from the sacrum to the bones of the head, passing through the spine.
Muscle contraction is possible with the help of the nerves in the neck are of three types:
  1. Motor nerves can be squeezed without any assistance.
  2. The sensory nerves can feel the various movements and manipulations.
  3. Diaphragmatic nerves provide for the operation of the diaphragm.

With the blood vessels of the neck is filled with oxygen, tissues and cells are protected from death. Of course, the disruption of blood flow, which can cause tumors and other neoplasms.

Are a pain

Types of pain

A pain in the neck is characterized by different types and distinctive feeling. Neck in the human body carries out an important motor function, gives the possibility to rotate the head and to increase visibility. It is also associated with head and spine which provides the vertical position of the body. If the neck pain, that could also be from the awkward movement, a sharp turn or tilt. This neck pain usually goes away fairly quickly. Sometimes the discomfort persists to the end, people get used to them, starts to pain, not just neck, but the spine – then you will have to see what happens, pain in the neck:

  1. Acute pain can occur from a sudden twist or tilt. At this point the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the cervical mounted and feels a strong pressure on the nerves.
  2. The pain is a dull character in cause long-term damage to the spine, cramps and fatigue.
  3. Sometimes the pain appears suddenly and unfounded.
  4. The tight nature of the spine, hands, head and shoulders.
  5. A pain in the neck when moving the head.
  6. Numbness in this area of the body, reducing sensitivity.
  7. Pain in the neck to the front with accompanying diseases of the respiratory tract.

These types of emotions are basic, when a person is faced with such unpleasant symptoms. In addition, the pain can change and develop into a more severe form, affecting other parts of the body.


The source of the pain should see, is not always associated with cervical Department of a backbone. Modern medicine currently knows a lot about what can trigger this violation, because without giving any reason cannot be allocated to the active treatment. Causes of pain in the neck can be:

  1. The deposition of salts in the cervical spine can cause pain in the neck. Cervical osteochondrosis and arthrosis are very common diseases, such as young and older ages. Because of this disease, one can clearly hear the crunching drives, in severe cases, the cervical spine loses its mobility, turning the head, very hard.
  2. Cramps in the muscles. If a bad neck with cramps in the muscles – pain has a character education attacks. Especially when turning the head feels stronger. In this case, the pain may recede by itself or after taking the painkillers.
  3. Hernia is a serious disease that affects the shoulder girdle, the spine, the neck hurts less, but it accounts for the pressure exerted in these parts of the body.
  4. Working condition. Sedentary work, occasional changes in body position and increases the risk of a breach.
  5. The occurrence of tumors. The occurrence of tumors is one of the most dangerous processes. Of course, modern medicine in this case, put the slide forward for removal and treatment of benign tumors, but the disease is not always want to withdraw and the tumors can develop into malignant. The examination in this case it is necessary.
  6. Myelopathy – problems in the spine that are the result of injuries, infectious diseases and various inflammation.
  7. Concomitant diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, bones, and cartilage.

Factors and causes are very much asking the question "why does the neck hurt?" is the person who is lost and does not know where to start the examination and diagnosis.


All types of pain in the body, it must be removed. What to do if a pain in the neck? Of course, to go to a doctor, preferably a qualified, that he gave a clear diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment. Can help you with the following experts:

  • Medical injury, orthopedist or surgeon.
  • Therapist.
  • Rheumatologist.

These are the basic medical profiles, who takes treatment of pain in the cervical neck.

Beginning diagnosis is the collection of blood and urine tests (biochemical and General) for the installation of the disease in the different components. Elevated levels of leukocytes, the presence of free protein in the urine and is more a violation of many organs. In the diagnosis of diseases such analyses, it is necessary to take.

On the list of additional manipulations included:
  1. Magnetic resonance imaging. You can evaluate the performance of the muscles, nerves and blood vessels to check blood flow, to assess the soft tissues. MRI is a very informative method of research.
  2. Computed tomography helps to explore the damaged areas of the neck, take into account the composition of the disk pathology.
  3. Electromyography. Explores the nerves and nerve irritation, by means of artificial stimulus, which acts on the nervous system in the neck.
  4. X-ray provides a clear picture of the region and seven vertebrae. Be performed in multiple projections for a more accurate review.

Through these studies, carried out on modern equipment, you can easily identify all the sources and the reasons why they are a pain in the neck and what to do in this case.

The doctor also assesses the status of the neck by inspection and palpation:
  1. Assessment of the reflexes, the phase sensitivity of muscle contraction.
  2. Touching the neck for the installation of the deformed parts.
  3. Examination of the neck and head.

Effective diagnostic method is ultrasound examination of brain vessels and neck, which is determined, or are shrinking in the brain, how the blood show no tumors.

When we talk about infectious diseases that affect the neck, if you want to continue with the treatment even in this case it is not necessary, because the infection can spread and lead to death. Doctor prescribed by bacteriological examination, which is able to identify the environment in which they live and breed bacteria.

The increased level of leukocytes in the General analysis of blood means that the body is combating the infection.

In occipital neuralgia, pain in the neck, appear often enough – this means that the muscles, nerves and ligaments put pressure on each other. The patient becomes difficult to carry out a movement and a rotational movement of the head, stiff neck. The diagnosis of this disease on MRI and CT. When the cause is not identified, the doctor can be occipital neuralgia in the first degree.


According to the methods of diagnosing neck pain and its causes, a doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Treatment methods at this moment very much, but the main and the most important always remain the same:

  1. Compulsory medication.
  2. Gymnastics and medical physical culture.
  3. Massage courses.
  4. Physiotherapy.

In addition, doctors also suggest that the use of traditional medicine. In most cases, gives the desired effect and a positive effect on the body.


Use the following groups of medicines:

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - Diclofenac, Nimesil. They block pain and cramping, works quickly and long time retain the analgesic effects. Injections into the muscle, it will be much more effective than pills and solutions.
  2. Narcotic analgesics – Morphine, Codeine. Used only if treatment with nsaids did not help, as these medicines are very strong and have pronounced side effects.
  3. Vasodilators – they are able to improve the composition of blood and structure of blood vessels, prevent bleeding and to improve the blood flow.
  4. Chondroprotectors – substances which can improve metabolism in tissues and organs which have been inflamed. With their help to the affected area receives the required amount of the desired organic and inorganic components.

Such a question is, what to do when neck pain would not wake up, if you follow all doctor's recommendations in taking these funds.

Gymnastics and physiotherapy

In moments of great pain, for the implementation of gymnastic exercises is not recommended, since pain can only increase, but as a prevention from them in a period of relief to perform. Useful are the following exercises:

  1. Tilts neck to the shoulders. 2-3 sets of 20.
  2. Turning his head away. 2-3 sets of 20.
  3. Circular motions of the head. 2-3 sets of 20.

These are the basic exercises performed in a pain. Are completely deal with it, hardens muscles, and increases blood flow.

Massage and manual therapy

In our time without a massage anywhere, so a course of 10 treatments would be sufficient for the normalization of motor performance cervical spine, muscle tension, so it is removed. To perform the massage yourself, slightly to stretch the neck, from the nape of the neck.

Massage Physiotherapy

Physiotherapeutic methods, which shall be conducted under the supervision of a physician and shall be considered as effective pain relief. Uses electrophoresis, laserotherapy and the shock wave. Their action is directed to the nerves and tissue recovery takes place after the third treatment.

Of a pain in the neck, to save all the treatment in any case effect. The pain gradually fades away and at one point disappears and does not return for a long time. As a preventive measure, doctors suggest to move more, to do morning exercises and eat right so the body got all the necessary trace elements.