Not rotate the neck, what to do?

Not rotate the neck, what to do

Many people after waking up in the morning sore neck. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes after waking up sick and not to turn neck due to incorrect posture sleep and uncomfortable beds. But it is possible, and a serious disease hiding behind such manifestations. Often in the morning the pain is to consult a doctor for diagnosis.


If a person has a sore neck, hard to turn head – it can speak volumes. Some of the reasons are completely harmless, and some require complex care. It is important to monitor their well-being and the manifestations of pain.

Uncomfortable posture during sleep

If neck pain is not very strong, and this disease occurs only once over a large period of time (a few months) – the most likely culprit is the inconvenient position of the head during sleep. Find the right pillow and try to fall asleep in the back.

A very rare manifestation of the disease can go to the doctor, you just have to make yourself an easy self-massage of the neck. This procedure should be sufficient.

Another situation, which does not require support workers of medicine. The banal drafts can cause a lot of discomfort in the cervical region. Don't be afraid of such a reaction in the body, causing the pain – muscle spasm.

You can relax in the neck to do the massage yourself, ask a loved one to do massage or go to the doctor's painkillers.
Lower back pain and complications

If you often so that the neck does not turn, – a reason to think about their health. Often, these symptoms can be a sign of the presence of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. Osteochondrosis is the destruction of the cartilage between the spine plate. Degenerative dystrophic changes cause the fault of the discs and loss of elasticity. Cervical osteochondrosis is the most dangerous of such ailments.

If a person will notice pain in a timely manner and immediately goes to the doctor, the chances of a successful and painless treatment. Of course, to fully restore the cartilage does not work, but the disease is no longer a hassle and is not developed further.

Forget the pain is a progression of degenerative disc disease – protrusion. The so-called fault changed between the vertebrae discs outside of the vertebrae. The pain becomes restless more and is a more striking demonstration.

Between the vertebrae hernia of the cervical spine is a very dangerous pathology. If a lot of delay in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, ignoring the pain, and without changing lifestyle, the chances of occurrence of hernia. This stage of the disease is almost impossible to turn your head one way or another, began to hurt the back of his head.

Larger sizes between the spine herniation of the cervical spine may occur cerebrovascular accident, difficulty in breathing. The pain is not attached to just one place, they are of the upper limb on the reverse side. What's more sticks between the spine plate, the stronger the squeeze on the nerve endings and the pain syndrome becomes stronger.

Mechanical damage

When injuries to the spine, especially the cervical, the person is likely to remain disabled. In any case, the damage can be very serious damage, because the vertebrae of the neck are all weak and moving. If you have received a spinal injury, you should immediately contact your doctor. In the case of serious injuries you could even call an ambulance.

Curvature of the spine

Many people leading a sedentary lifestyle, too much time at the computer, often sore neck and, literally, not turning the head. This rigidity is caused by bad posture. Because of the long sitting person will no longer keep your back straight and begin to bend. Slouching creates an increased load on the spine and can lead to osteoarthritis. Rare the pain, but repetitive – a sign of the disease. Should immediately consult a doctor, the diagnosis and began to pay attention to posture when sitting.

Another cause of pain in the upper spine can be congenital torticollis. Pain in the neck begin to interfere, usually in childhood. The curvature of the visually noticeable and the doctor will pay attention to. If the disease is not declared and manifested only after a time – I need to see a doctor.

Pathological changes in musculus sternocleidomastoid is contrary to the verticality of the neck and stiffness. Sometimes surgery is necessary.
Infectious diseases

Many colds can give complications or the wrong treatment and the wrong time. A weakened immune system also plays an important role in this process.

Some infectious diseases are very distinctive. Such as serious complications, such as lymphadenitis or meningitis, contact your doctor. Not only that, the inflamed lymph nodes and not the head turn, and there is a loss of brain cells. Prompt treatment with a qualified specialist can save the people from irreversible changes in the body. In any case, it is impossible to self-medicate.

Spine infection

In fact, this phenomenon is rare and cases in which this disease is not likely to affect the people who are watching their hygiene. Infectious lesions of the spine – bacterial osteomyelitis. Such diseases usually occur on the background of other, more serious ailments (AIDS, cancer, severe obesity).Osteomyelitis of the vertebrae atrophy, and not the intervertebral disks, which makes the disease more dangerous.

The neck pain is constant and intense, the first signs of requiring hospitalization.

Accompanying symptoms

If the disease is not dangerous to life and health, you can fight the pain or just waiting, to reduce the load on the neck. But some diseases require medical treatment. It is important to know the symptoms that define a serious pathology, which requires treatment to the doctor.

Dizziness and headache are often concerned about cervical osteochondrosis

The typical symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis and its complications:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Dizziness and headache;
  • Often, neck cracking;
  • Possible to reduce vision and hearing.

Injuries to the spine, infection of the spine or twisting occur in constant severe pain, visual manifestations. To identify this disease is quite simple. The next step – going to the doctor.

When diseases or their complications have these symptoms:

  • Cough ;
  • Sore throat;
  • Chills and fever;
  • Inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes.

It is better not to wait for complications and immediately go to the doctor when similar symptoms.


If it hurts, and does not rotate the neck so, what do you say, doctor. In what situation, you need to contact the doctor? If there is any disease, which causes pain – it is better not to wait and to go on reception to the local therapist. Treatment depends on the type of disease and stage of its progression. Osteochondrosis and subsequent complications need complex care, which will appoint the expert of a narrow profile (vertebrolog or neurologist).

The first step pain in the neck - a trip to the local therapist

Somewhere in size between the vertebrae hernia surgery is necessary, if there is too much pressure on the spinal nerves. In other cases, conservative treatment.

Infectious diseases and their problems are treated with special preparations and bedtime routine.

How to deal with the pain which the patient complained to the doctor? There are many medicines, in which case you can return to normal life (if allowed during treatment of the underlying disease). Your doctor may prescribe these medicines may reduce or combat the pain:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Reduce pain, eliminate swelling, relieve pressure on the nerve endings.
  • Pain medications effect the rapid removal of pain. Affects the nervous system and relieves pain.
  • Muscle relaxants. To relieve spasms, relax the neck and gave him back the mobility. To help with the swelling.
  • Vitamin complex – strengthens the immune system, spine, discs between the vertebrae, increases the body's stress.

Many of the drugs to combat pain syndrome can not be determined independently, this should be done by qualified personnel only.

Also, your doctor may prescribe a complex physiotherapeutic procedures:

  • Acupuncture;
  • Biting of the medicinal leech;
  • Stimulation of the nerve fibers electrical current weak charging;
  • Treatment using magnetic fields.

Also vertebrolog or neurologist can prescribe a course of some popular treatments that help to overcome the disease. It is impossible to use even such drugs. So disease subsided or completely went into remission, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the prescription of the doctor and not to self-medicate.