What kind of doctor treats back pain

What kind of doctor treats back pain

If a person has a bad back and he does not understand, to what doctor to address, and in the clinic profile, the Cabinet. dll is missing, it will help the expert in the field of treatment. The doctor makes a preliminary diagnostic steps, then directly to the patient's other doctors. Today you will learn, what doctor to go to, if worried about the pain.

Who will help, if it happens

Expert vertebrolog treats pain associated with spinal problems. A neurologist helps with nerve entrapment, as well as when the inflammation affects the neurons. If the patient is an obvious malfunction of the internal organs, it helps to specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology.

What kind of doctor treats back? In medicine many specialties and narrow profile. First of all, a person can not decide where to go, if you have problems with your back. When pain in the back, is a chronic disease, it is first necessary to turn to the local doctor in charge of treatment. A variety of pain arising from various pathological processes. Pain can interfere with a person always, either it is short.

If you back pain, cause this pathological condition can be spondylosis, allowing the bone to grow strongly. Also, the patient may become numb and weak legs. In this case, it is necessary to apply to a neurologist or vertebrologu. If the pain is acute, it is likely that the inflamed muscle. This pain is insignificant, but it lasts a long time. The inflammation is due to the fact that people get hypothermia or have experienced physical strain. To improve pain, help neurologist.

Pain syndrome tingling sign indicates the likelihood of respiratory diseases that produce urine. In this case, treatment it comes to specialists, pulmonology, urology. Who to go to, if the back pain? Stabbed in the back when the patient broke my back. Such symptoms can take place, between the vertebrae hernias. Help the patient to a neurologist or vertebrolog. If the back ache, but it is unclear what kind of doctor to help, then turn to the therapist. He advises that the patient sent for diagnosis.

After the doctor review the information, analyze the pathology clinic, it is recommend other specialists for treatment.
About vertebrolog

This is a doctor dealing with diseases of the spine. This doctor is also the opportunity to do different types of massage, the use of manual therapy, perform plastic spine. The causes of such pain are different:

The spine
  • Sleeping on very soft or hard beds.
  • Man sleeping in the wrong position.
  • If pillowcases, duvet cover and sheets consist of artificial tissues.
  • People forced to do hard physical work.
  • A permanent place in the same position when working with laptop.

Not worried about the pain should follow the prevention. Need to sleep in the bed, with stiffness of the medium, it is desirable to acquire the comfortable sleep mattress. If the bed surface has a strong rigidity or the bed is very soft, there is a deformation of the spine. Still need to follow the posture. If your work involves prolonged sitting in one position, it is necessary to do more exercise, which tightens and removes stiffness of muscles.

When working on a laptop need to choose the right chair and table. Spin does not experience overvoltage, if the chair has a high back. Armrests clasp hands, so the spine does not have much strain. Overweight need to get rid of. It overloads the spine, the likelihood of the formation of osteochondrosis, the vertebrae between the hernia to grow. Is often swim exercise then the spinal muscles are toned, your back will become flexible. If you want to lift something heavy, your back should be straight, otherwise there is a problem with the spine.


Find expert vertebrologii difficult. In this case, the patient goes to a therapist, who can recommend a neurologist. A qualified neurologist will have the same skills as the vertebrolog. A neurologist diagnosed treatment:

  • sciatica;
  • a hernia between vertebrae at different stages of development;
  • degenerative disc disease, osteophytes';
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve and other nervous system diseases.

The person will experience pain in the back, but causes of pain are different, they can be respiratory diseases, endocrine glands. Also, pain syndrome causes an infectious process, cancer.

Other doctors

If the neurologist does not solve the problem, the cause of the pain can be pathological processes that affect the kidneys. The patient then help the nephrologist or urologist. Pain syndrome in the thoracic spine segment can also occur in lung pathology. If the pain piercing nature, it is very likely that the inflammation of the respiratory organs.

Pain in the chest, chest area, back, can cause pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Timely cardiologic consultation and assistance to reduce the likelihood of heart attack and ischemic changes of the heart. If the patient is disturbed calcium metabolism, the human body lacks calcium, then there is a problem of the musculoskeletal system diseases, a person's injured back. In this case, the patient is obliged to endocrinological consultation.

Diagnose pathological changes in the connective tissue to help rheumatologist. It treats inflammation of the joints, helps eliminate pain. Sometimes old trauma spread after a long period. The patient may forget that 2-3 years ago he was injured, I thought, that physically edited. If the pain does not pass, the other doctors do not help, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The pain piercing nature can be the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). This wound, inflammation of the stomach, gallbladder, or have problems with the pancreas, appendix, and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. If there is a suspicion of cancer processes in the body, you should get advice. Cancer is best treated in the initial stage of formation.

Premenstrual pain syndrome women have gynecological problems, lower back can hurt badly. Such pain is due to the abnormal position of the uterus, pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, inflammation of the female genital organs. Although the pregnancy begins normally, pain can also occur.

If a pregnant woman picks up a bandage, the pain will stop. A woman needs to consult a gynecologist.

Who diagnosed pain in the lumbar region

If a sore lower back, what is the doctor help? Lower back pain can be caused by problems with the spine or the malfunction of some internal organs. So assess your symptoms, and guide it to the correct expert first therapist. If the person is a long time in an uncomfortable position,he then eventually a sore back. But if he rested, warm, get a massage treatment in the absence of contraindications, the discomfort will pass on their own, medical assistance is not required.

If a sore lower back, that often causes are trauma, causing a fracture of the spine. Acute pain syndrome in the lumbar region occurs due to a herniated disc, which is located between the vertebrae, protrusion. There is irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is manifested clinic sciatica is. Pain to stretch the gluteal region only. A difficult thing, one or two feet can go numb, there is paralysis. In this case a timely help from a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Who diagnosed pain in the lumbar region

Lumbar radiculitis may occur when one awkward bend of the back. Pain in the buttock area or hip. The patient stands and moves with difficulty. To cure sciatica to help the attending neurologist. Cancer processes also cause a pain syndrome in the lumbar region. The patient is then consulted with the oncologist.

Pain in the lumbar segment may arise diseases of the organs secreting the urine. In addition to pain, a person is disturbed urination, it is sick, throwing up, changes in the the fever and other symptoms. Patient assistance urologist or nephrologist. If a man is inflamed prostate gland, there are a variety of pain location, painful lumbar region. Pain syndrome of different intensity, painful scrotal branch. It is necessary to consult a urologist.


Diagnostic procedures will help decide the expert, who care for patients. Held:

  • Urine in the blood, it helps identify inflammation.
  • X-ray studies of the different forecasts.
  • CT can help to detect the effects of trauma.
  • MRI more accurately determine the spread of the pathological process. More often than once every 30 days shall not apply.
  • Ultrasound shows a problem in the cartilage, tendons and oncologic processes.
  • With the help of electromyogram of recorded electronic signals, which are caused by muscle contractions. This method determines how a well-functioning muscle tissue.

If concerned about pain in the back, it is best not to endure the pain, do not self-medicate, and immediately seek help from a doctor, who will refer to other specialists. It does not occur in the body of complications that do not always successfully treated, then health is better not to risk it.