Talk to back pain kidney area

Back pain

Pain in the lower back can trigger a variety of diseases. Often the pain is caused by a specific hobby or in the workplace. Of particular concern is the feeling when a sore back kidney area. In order not to be mistaken with the cause caused discomfort, you should carefully analyze the nature of pain, its location and likely cause of the appearance of.

The characteristic symptoms can be determine the disease and to understand how best to deal with it.


Pyelonephritis is an inflammatory process, triggered by the introduction of bacteria (Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) in the kidney. The inflammatory process every time a striking new areas of tissue, causing scarring. If time does not stop to lose eventually destroy healthy tissue, cause the kidney to stop functioning. Also if you have hit a pair, a person will require permanent hemodialysis.

This disease is characterized by a sharp pain in the lower back. When one of the body, the pain is localized to the right or to the left. Inflammation of both kidneys characterized by pain around the waist.

Pain intensity does not change depending on the position of the body, but can significantly increase the light tapping, in the kidneys with the edge of the palm, the deep breathing and pressing on the stomach.

In addition to pain, pyelonephritis is accompanied by:

  • increased body temperature and chills;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • frequent and painful urination;
  • the appearance of blood and mucus in the urine;
  • swelling.

When the first symptoms should consult a specialist for accurate diagnosis. Usually these symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a urine sample and a blood test to confirm the diagnosis. Also prescribed ultrasound and CT scan to determine the extent of the damage.

The treatment of pyelonephritis, antibiotics (Ceftriaxone, Ampicillinum) directional. Also relieve symptoms prescribed antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs (Paracetamolum, Diclofenac). Early diagnosis of the disease is treated on an outpatient basis.

When the disease is recommended bed rest and plenty of fluids.
Traditional methods

Works well under pyelonephritis decoction of cornflower. 1 tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and insist 30 minutes, Drink 1 Cup during the day, in three divided doses. Do 30 days.



Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor, which affects the healthy cells. The tumor develops in the tissues of the kidney can metastasize to other organs. Without proper treatment, always leads to the death of the patient. Reason, cause cancer, science is still unknown.

Kidney cancer is in the early stages often asymptomatic, and the tumor accidentally found during routine investigations.

In the later stages manifested by severe pain in the lumbar region and the abdomen. A sharp pain, and was not long.

Pain syndrome is accompanied by:

  • the periodic appearance of large amounts of blood and blood clots in the urine;
  • weakness;
  • rapid loss of weight.

If you notice such symptoms or found accidentally, the formation of the kidneys, it is urgent referred to an oncologist and an ultrasound of the abdomen. Also a tissue biopsy later in the study.

The only effective method of treatment for kidney cancer is removal of the tumor or the affected organ. After surgery can be treated with radiation or chemotherapy.

For the treatment of cancer using a mixture of calendula flowers, honey in equal proportions. Take 0.5 tsp 3 times a day for 25 days.

Reliable data to cure cancer with traditional methods, no research was carried out. Herbal treatments can be effective, and time is lost.



A cyst is a hollow tumor of the kidney, fluid-filled with a dense shell. In the absence of appropriate treatment can lead to renal failure. The exact causes are unknown.

The disease does not usually cause much discomfort. In severe cases, the presence of cysts in the kidneys accompanied by severe pain in the lower back. The pain is localized in the region of the affected organ. You may get a small amount of blood in the urine.

The cyst is clearly visible on the ultrasound.

Small cysts of the pumped liquid, and in its place introduce a special composition, which adheres to the wall of the cyst.

Larger configurations are removed surgically via laparoscopic surgery.
Traditional methods

Treatment cysts can help a puree made from burdock. Plant grind in a blender and take a course:

  • 2 day, 1 teaspoon 2 times a day;
  • 3 day 1 teaspoon 3 times a day;
  • 2 days and 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.
Pattern is repeated 4 times, then make a break for a month and run the course again.

Urinary stone disease

Result metabolic disorders will form hard deposits called kidney stones or bladder. Looks like a dull pain in the lower back and side. Urinary stone disease the pain occurs during physical exertion, movement, change of body position. May be accompanied by appearance of blood in the urine.

In the beginning of the disease symptoms should consult a urologist who will prescribe a blood test, ultrasound and CT. These studies will help to identify the nature of the stones and location.

Kidney stones

One of the most effective methods is endoscopic crushing. This method is the least traumatic and allows you to share and bring the stones without risk to health.

When you see the small stones helps the infusion of oats. Untreated grain oats pour boiling water and leave in a thermos overnight. After wipe through a sieve, and eat the resulting mush in the morning.

Large stones do not show people's ways. Exit, the stone can close the urinary tract. In this case you will need emergency surgery.

Fibroma and adenoma

Benign tumors are characterized by slow growth and lack of germination in other tissues. Consist of a part of the connective tissue.

Occurs dull pain in the lower back, which involves frequent trips to the bathroom.

Diagnosed with a tumor by ultrasound or CT.

When large formations are susceptible to growth is the surgical removal of the for later analysis. For small communities, it is recommended that the supervision of skilled and periodic ultrasound studies.

Folk remedies for the treatment using strawberries (whole plant), brewed with boiling water and drink as tea during the month.


In nephroptosis, the kidney from the renal bed and fell into the abdominal cavity or even into the pelvis. Artery, which nourishes it stretched and disturbed blood flow. On the contrary, the ureter is deformed, bends, which causes stagnation of urine, the formation of the infections. The result is pyelonephritis. Often shifting the right kidney. The omission of both organs is a rare disease.

Infectious diseases are caused nephroptosis — they are its consequence.

The main symptom of nephroptosis — a sharp pain in the area of pathology. The pain occurs at the slightest physical exertion (walking, stairs, bending, prolonged standing on his feet), if you can take a horizontal position, the pain immediately goes away.


Diagnosis of the disease includes inspection urologist, an ultrasound of the abdomen, biochemical blood test and urine.

In the early stages of the disease, it is recommended to use the bandage to fix.

Well help exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


  • candle. Relying on the blades of the vertical lift legs and hips. Keep for 15 minutes;
  • a pair of scissors. Lying on the hard surface, lifting alternately right and left foot above the surface;
  • wheel. In the supine position to raise and lower the knees bent legs, simulating Cycling.

Hydronephrosis of the kidney

Hydronephrosis — enlargement of the cup, and lohan of the kidneys, often triggered by blocking the outflow of urine at any site. Prevents normal flow of urine can as stones and tumors located in the urinary tract. Hydronephrosis causes progressive atrophy of the kidney.

Hydronephrosis of one kidney is usually asymptomatic. Acute lesions of the kidney expresses a sharp sharp pain in my side and lower back. No matter in which area of hampered outflow of urine, the pain is always felt in the region of the kidneys.

The pathology is diagnosed by ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder, isotope studies, the kidneys and to check the diagnosis of the urinary tract.

Treatment of the disease is to remove the cause. By removing interference to the circulation of urine, and the catchment areas of stagnation, and provides a full recovery.

If the congestion is caused by urinary stone disease, can be used in folk remedies for removing stones from the body.

Renal failure

Dangerous disease, which consists in the inability of the kidneys to produce and excrete urine. When the poisoning of the body toxins and disturbance of the water balance.

Renal failure
The uncontrolled development of the disease and without timely treatment can lead to death.

Symptoms may vary depending on the disease.

The main ones are:

  • pain in joints and bones;
  • swelling;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • a small amount or complete absence of urine;
  • yellowish-gray-the color of the skin.

Kidney failure is diagnosed, your doctor will use blood chemistry.

Treatment is long and complex. Includes hemodialysis, detoxification, hormone therapy, removal of the disease, which causes the disease, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals.

Helps in the treatment of and folk prescription herbal. 1 tbsp. the spoon of violets, flax seeds, cranberries and the leaves of calendula flowers, mix. Pour 1 tbsp. spoon mixture of 1 liter of boiling water, infuse for 10 minutes and drink as tea.

Renal colic

Shows the result of a sharp disorders of urine outflow (for example, when the output of the stone-canal, the urine, damage to the urinary tract). Expressed a sharp intense pain, severe pain management. Attack develops immediately. Pain episodes, acute, not passing through. Can appear the waist, the pubic area and even the genitals.

It is sufficient for the diagnosis a thorough examination by a urologist and an ultrasound.

Treatment using pain medications, often narcotics origin. At the same time, to remove the cause that caused the colic.

Renal colic
Folk methods for the treatment of colic may be due to the recipes easily to release the stone.

Between the vertebrae hernia

The deformation between the spinal disc causes pressure on the nerve root. Without proper treatment can lead to paralysis.

The constant symptom is pain in the lower back. The growth of a hernia, the pain increases and becomes permanent. In addition to the acute pain shows limited mobility in the lower back and numbness or tingling in the extremities.

Accurate diagnosis you need a neuro consult and MRI.

Treatment of pathology in the early stages of development can be carried out with the help of physiotherapy (selected individually for each patient), the blockade of the affected Department, surgery.

Drug treatment is rarely used, because of its low efficiency.

When you want to see a doctor?

In addition to the above causes, back pain can cause curvature of the spine (dull aching pain), muscle tension (pain is weak, acting independently), and the usual fatigue. Many of these States completely disappear without the aid of doctors.

Immediate consultation is required if:

  • sharp is not a transient pain in the right or left hypochondrium;
  • the pain continued for 2-3 days;
  • its intensity has not decreased in a horizontal position;
  • accompanied by fever or numbness in the extremities;
  • continuous, not transient pain in the same place.