How to distinguish kidney pain from back pain

That hurts, kidneys, or back

Stiffness in the lower back with a sharp movement disturbs a lot of people. Kidney infection or back to how to determine if the emotions are incomprehensible? First and foremost you need to understand the symptoms of diseases of the spine and vital organs. This will help to have a rough idea of the difference in pain. The main cause of the discomfort is able to determine the doctor, after examination and thorough diagnosis.

Pain in the kidneys or back – difference the symptoms of

Pain attacks in the lumbar spine can disable a person for some time. This happens in the case of a long stay in the cold or from the effects of drafts. The muscles of the back inflammation, the spasm of soft tissue, which causes pain in the back, covering individual regions of the spine. Chronic disease (osteochondrosis of the lumbar region) or complications from diseases of the spine (sciatica) also occur with sharp attacks in the lower back.

The main characteristics of back pain

The main characters, which indicate that pain is occurred due to problems in the back muscles and the spine:

  • the emergence of discomfort during the lifting of heavy loads or excessive loads on the lumbar spine (prolonged walking, prolonged standing in one place).
  • intense pain occurs at the various movements of the torso – tilts, turns, changing positions when sitting, lying down;
  • discomfort increased significantly and completely leaves the person without movement – the patient is stuck in this situation that has provoked a nasty attack.
The main characteristics of back pain
Please, note! Very often diseases of the back similar to the development of inflammation of the kidneys. In this case, you will need to analyze the nature of the pain.

It is interesting that when the back pain is due to problems in the spine, the body temperature almost never increases. The only exception is the sciatica in the acute and the running form, when the inflammation and swelling in the affected area very large.

There are a number of diseases of the spine, which could trigger a sharp attacks to the back. The most common osteochondrosis, radiculitis, protrusion, and herniation in the lumbar spine. The shift of the vertebrae and the curvature of the spine, inflammation of the muscles and joints, also cause problems for the movement of the torso the lower back. While the discomfort may disappear after that, when gives the body a rest.

Important! Back pain, caused by disease of the spine can relieve ointment with the effect of the warming or wearing a special corset, and kidney problems, discomfort in this way does not eliminate.
Signs of kidney pain

The main symptoms, which gives to understand, that there is a problem in the kidneys:

  • violation of the bladder (unpleasant cramps in the lower part of the abdomen, painful discharge of urine, sometimes mixed with blood);
  • the emergence of problems with the stomach and intestine (vomiting, nausea, changes in the chair);
  • the presence of pronounced swelling under the eyes and in the legs, which are visible during the night;
  • fatigue, lack of energy, sleepiness.
Signs of kidney pain
Please, note! If you have kidney disease, back pain may be accompanied by increased pressure and headaches.
The main differences

A striking confirmation of the fact that it hurts the kidneys, not the back, is a change in the urine. It gets muddy or loses color. The biological material may be blood, mucus, buy dark tea color.

The difference in symptoms is that back pain in kidney disease may be accompanied by high temperature. In the case of diseases of the spine, fever and chills do not exist.

The difference in the symptoms lies in the fact that pain occurs due to inflammation in the kidneys are not dependent on the position of the body and its movement. While sharp and dramatic attacks in the lower back, due to diseases of the spine occur due to the tilt, the body changes, changes in the positions.

Also determine if the kidneys are sick, not the lower back, possible localization of an attack. Discomfort which usually results from inflammation in the body, and gives in other areas:

  • to the side, grabbing the part of the abdomen and the groin;
  • in the urogenital system from the outside (external reproductive organs);
  • in the field of urinary water;
  • in the femoral area in the interior.
The difference is, back pain and kidneys

These symptoms can be determined and, if pain in the kidneys or back. Accurately identify yourself it is impossible. To understand the true cause of the disease helps the doctor.

Specific pain in the lumbar spine in men and women

Quite often, pain in the lower back which does not fall within the kidneys, no abnormalities of the back. In men, the pain may occur due to contact with the urogenital system infection, which causes inflammation. Prostatitis can also cause pain in the back.

Lifting weights, physical activities and sporting activities, which also may provoke in men pain in the lower back. Usually after resting or rubbing with the effect of heat or an analgesic ointments the place, which is the most disturbing, unpleasant feelings disappears.

In women, pain in the back, often associated with monthly secretions. This is usually a symptom of premenstrual cycle. If we are talking about female diseases, that can give back pain, then the inflammation in the ovaries. Back pain from pathology of the up in the middle of the waist or close to the sacrum, without affecting the kidneys. Most times, the pain drawing is shown, and is coupled with sharp pain in the groin or lower abdomen.

Attacks in the lower back may manifest itself as a negative disturbance of the bladder (cystitis) and of the gallbladder water. Such afflictions, in addition to back pain, the cause of women frequent urination in the toilet, embarrassing and painful emission of urine.

Specific pain in the lumbar spine in men and women
Important! During pregnancy is also found discomfort in the back. In this case, pain can cause significant loads on the spine due to the growth of the fetus or to talk about the early struggles.

If you want to determine what hurts, in fact, can only be a specialist after the test. It is important to seek medical help if you have any suspicious symptoms in the back.

The diagnosis of pain in the lower back

To determine the true causes of the attacks in the cross, it is necessary to know, to what doctor to address. At the beginning it is recommended to go to the therapist. He will be a preliminary examination, which includes palpation most severe pain, will investigate the complaint and determine the necessary tests.

If you want to determine whether painful kidney, the specialist can make a few light strokes with the side of the palm, on the bottom of the back. No symptoms from the body in response to such manipulation of the show, the pathology in the kidney. Before will give you a clear diagnosis, you will need to complete a series of research, and then go to the individual doctor.

This is clear, if it comes to the pain in the kidneys or the back, there are the following methods of diagnostics:

  • studies on the biological material of the patient (urine, blood);
  • an ultrasound of the kidney on the topic of inflammation, or tumors in paired organs of the urinary system;
  • imaging (CT and MRI) of the lumbar spine – the identification of the displaced vertebrae, compression of nerve fibres and the presence of infection in the affected tissues (if any).
The disease and its diagnosis

In the case where the integrated diagnostics, showed the existence of problems in the musculoskeletal system, the therapist sends the patient to the neurologist, and other specialists. It all depends on the revealed pathology. In the case of kidney disease, consult your urologist. Professionals will prescribe an effective treatment that will help you to resolve the issue.

Please, note! To determine the source of pain, it is almost impossible. Therefore, it is essential to consult your doctor, who will conduct a full diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment depending on the patient.

Back pain in some cases may indicate the inflammatory processes in the kidney or abnormalities of the spine. In the early stages of the disease either discomfort can be the same. Therefore, people are not always clear, or painful kidneys, and perhaps there is a problem in the low back. For the understanding of the causes for the occurrence of pain in the lower back, to help the doctor. It is important that at the first signs of discomfort seek medical help, that do not lead to disease.