The recommendations of Valentin Dikul, exercises for the back

Pathology of the musculoskeletal system, which occupy one of leading positions in the prevalence. Especially frequent damage to the spine. The annual statistics show a high increase in post-traumatic conditions. This is not surprising. Because the development of technology leads to increased rates of injury on the road, at the workplace. In these patients developed a special rehabilitation activities.

Today recognized as the most effective technique is Valentin Dikul. The treatment of the spine with his method almost 100% of all cases allows to restore the affected segment of the spine, to return the patient to physical activity.

Basic rules

The author in the past has been an invalid, confined, in the opinion of the doctors, always in a wheelchair. The desire to live a full life and stand up was not possible.

The developed methodology is a holistic exercise system that heals and strengthens the whole body. All workouts created by personal experience and knowledge, repeatedly tested by his followers in practice.

Before you start classes, you should familiarize yourself with the rules, which are an integral part of the methodology of Valentin Dikul.

For back pain

  1. Please follow the recommended order of the classes.
  2. Approaches should be implemented exactly as specified in the program.
  3. Do not overload your body gradually get used to the training.
  4. Exercises should be performed regularly. Possible through the day.

Repeat and approaches

  1. Strictly follow the required number of sets and repetitions.
  2. Read the instructions carefully on how to implement the exercises, Valentin Dikul. Classes without rest or randomly chosen between — unacceptable.


  1. Follow the full amplitude. This will allow you to work those muscles, which means that the load direction.
  2. Quick this system eliminates.
  3. The technique is based on the long, smooth, deliberate movement. With jerks and sudden actions, which are unacceptable.

Classes to strengthen the muscle tissues of the back

Strengthening the lower back

These exercises Valentin Dikul effectively restore the joints of the spine, muscle function, cervical, brachial, lumbar and thoracic spine, improves overall health.

Strengthening the muscles in the lower back

Training includes position — lying on his back. Hands should be diluted to the side, palms lower down. The top part of the Ministry would not break away from the surface. At this time, the left thigh a very gentle turn to the right. Down the left foot of the surface, but for the right, but is still closely appressed. Regulation should be deferred for 2-3 seconds. Then smoothly return to its original state. The exercise is repeated on the left side with the opposite hip.


In the right and left side, so it is recommended to exercise for 8 repetitions in 1 approach. This system means that for the first 2-3 lessons, which run only 1 approach. For the following 2-3 — it is recommended that you perform 2 sets of each. And then, as conceived by Valentin Dikul runs 3 approach.

It is important to remember the holiday. Between sets rest for 2 minutes.
Strengthening the back

Lying on the ground. The legs are pushed apart, so that the foot is in the distance to the shoulders. His hands crossed on his chest. Better for Strengthening the back balance, holding on to the shoulders. On the inhale slowly takes the case all the way to the right of the page. From the ground off his left shoulder. The legs, the pelvis remain in a fixed position. Press and hold for 2 seconds and return to the original position. This back treatment includes the exercise in the other direction.


Up to 8 times in each direction. For the first 2-3 sessions just one approach. Additional 2-3 lessons in 2. approach. And then go to 3 sets. The rest in between — 2 minutes. Such a system of repetitions and approaches, which provides an excellent result.

Strengthening the lateral muscles of the back

Again the supine position. The legs join together, pull the socks. Hands should be placed in the arm, dropping the hands. Without rising from the ground in the neck, the shoulders and the head move over the surface with both feet, making a sliding movement. While it is to raise them is impossible.

In this exercise, the treatment of the spine, which is based on strengthening the side muscles of the waist and abdomen.

The regulation freeze for 2-3 seconds and gently return. For strengthening the back should do the lesson and in the other direction.

Strengthening the muscles of the hand

In this lesson, is a system of reps and approaches, as in the previous exercise.

Strengthening the pectoral

During the implementation of the leg should not come off the floor. Position at the back. The legs adopt a position in the width of the shoulder. Hands should cross his hands clasping his forearm. Without lifting your head, neck, back from the surface, it is necessary sliding movement to lean to the left. At this time the legs and pelvis must be like stuck to the ground. Pause for 2-3 seconds, slowly return to the initial state. The same is done the other way.


For this task, it is recommended that a system of sets and repetitions, as in the first and second lesson.

Strengthening the back

Stand up straight, straight back muscles and the neck. Look straight ahead. A gentle, slight slope. The position of the back should remain straight. Hands down and bend your knees. During a workout, pop a few "bars". In this position, stay 2-3 seconds, then slowly return.


For this exercise, the system is composed of 3 approaches, which contain 8 repetitions. For beginners we recommend 1 approach. The break lasts 2 minutes.

Strengthening the hamstring and back

Take position on the abdomen. Place your hands, palms up. For the correct position of the neck, the chin should touch the floor. The legs are firmly secured. Take your torso to the maximum, simultaneously raising your hands up. The neck position is the correct, if you look in front of him. Hold for 2-3 seconds and return to starting position.

Strengthening speny and the rear part of the thighs

The treatment of the spine consists of 8 repetitions. Beginners exercise-one approach. Rest — 2 minutes.

Strengthening the obliques

Lie on your left side. On the left is extended in front of him. Arm rests on a floor surface. On the right hand should lift up, palm touching the ground.

Only direct the right hand and foot should lift and pull towards each other at the same time. Exercise means work the neck. Head raised, a look is directed straight forward. It is enough 2-3 seconds and slowly assume the original position.

For the treatment of the spine is effective, this exercise will be realized, and on the right side.


One approach — 8 repetitions in one direction and then the other. Break is 2 minutes.

Pull the lumbar muscles

Lie on the floor. The maximum relax the muscles of the neck. The position of the spine is very straight. Bend your legs, pulling it as close as possible to the buttock to the foot. Then slowly return to its original state.


The treatment of the spine, based on 3 sets of 12 reps. For beginners — 1 approach. The break lasts 2 minutes.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles

Lie on the floor. Hands put behind the head, bend your knees. Your legs should lean on the ground. In this exercise, you will effectively include the muscles of the neck. Without lifting your feet from the ground, lift the shoulders and head. Feel how the muscles of the neck, pulling the head with the shoulders forward. Should be delayed for 2-3 seconds. It is recommended that strain the muscles of the neck. Then smoothly take the starting position.


Perform 3 sets, each containing 12 reps. Beginners do 1 approach. It is necessary to take a break for 2 minutes.

The uniqueness of the method

The above set of exercises for strengthening the spine. It is not only for the development of talented author. An amazing doctor who has created a whole system of exercises for different parts of the spine, which are directed at strengthening the muscle system.

Complexes Valentin Dikul is for people who are damaged, the patients with severe diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

He has developed effective systems for office workers, drivers. Not bypassed with their attention and children.

Valentin Dikul method is based on the fight with the disease and the objectives for a victory over them. In this lies its uniqueness. Since many of the techniques my goal is to see the adaptation and habituation of the patient with the role of people with disabilities.

There is no need to treat the joints?

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant pain in the joints, annoying back pain? Judging by the fact that you're reading this article, You or your loved ones are faced with this problem. And do you know what is:

  • the inability to easily and comfortably move around;
  • discomfort during climbs and descents, stairs;
  • a nasty crunch, so click at your own;
  • pain during or after exercise;
  • inflammation in the joints and swelling;
  • for no reason, and sometimes, unbearable pain pain in the joints

Surely You've already tried a bunch of medications, creams, ointments, injections, doctors, surveys, and, apparently, none of the above does not help... And this is the explanation: pharmacists just not profitable to sell a working tool, because they will lose customers!